Everything You Need To Know About Google Penalty

You will probably be aware of Google penalties, and they aren’t new either. But, they are still a big concern for SEO. Google penalties are designed to punish web pages that violate Google’s guidelines. Your organic search traffic can be virtually wiped out overnight. Recovering from Google’s penalty is not that easy unless you work with SEO experts Sydney as they know what might have gone wrong and help you recover from a Google penalty.

How a Google penalty affects your site? 

If you get a penalty from Google, your site will no longer be listed on search results or the ranks of your targeted keywords may have been dropped dramatically. So, your target audience can’t find you. When you are invisible, your traffic and revenue ultimately drop. It can happen to any webpage. Once you get it, it is not that easy to get back your rankings and into Google’s good graces. All your hard works to rank high in search engine go in vain.

How do you tell if my site has been penalised by Google? 

There are two types of penalties, including manual and algorithmic. One of challenging tasks is to determine which type of penalty is affecting your website. There are a few things that can indicate a penalty on a website such as a sudden drop on individual pages, on specific keywords, a significant drop overall, a number of pages get de-indexed, and an entire site gets de-indexed. A penalty comes in different situations, so there is no definitive sign of a penalty.

Manual penalty  

Unless you do something on purpose to boost your rankings, you’ll never face a manual penalty. If you get this type of penalty, you will get a message about it. However, a manual penalty expires after a period. But, that doesn’t mean the issue is resolved. You have to get it fixed by working along with the SEO experts from a reputed SEO Company Sydney

Algorithmic penalty  

If you are in doubt that your site is penalised but could not find any manual actions in SC, then you are experiencing an algorithmic penalty. It happens automatically without manual intervention. With this type of penalty, you will be visible in the search engine but with much lower ranks. Google keeps changing their algorithms to detect spam and other violations. When it finds, it penalises the site. Only if you understand the algorithm which affected your site, you will know to fix the violation.

Penalty Triggers 

If you don’t want to get penalised by Google, make sure your site is free of spyware, adware and viruses, hidden links, displaying a different version of the webpage to the search engine robots, stuffed with keywords, and duplicate content.

Google penalties are a part of SEO Sydney, and it is inevitable. It is not that you may have done purposefully. You may have violated Google’s guidelines unknowingly. Understanding the penalties is the key to recover quickly. You should know how to determine and fix them as well. Penalty removal should be a part of your SEO Sydney strategy as well. If you have no idea, get help from the SEO experts.