Amazon Prime Day: It’s a Gamer’s Dream Come True

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t heard about Amazon’s Prime Day, expect to have your mind blown. This massive sale event occurs every July 15, and the options change as well. It is also a growing event so, there are so many new deals being added – more specifically for gamers interested in Xbox headsets. There are tons of deals to be had. Last year, the event was a 36-hour marathon. This year, expect a 48-hour marathon. So, get your devices and fingers ready for some seriously deep bargains.

Want Your Items Fast?

You see, not only is Amazon Prime Day a fantastic shopping event for bargain hunters but they are also offering one-day shipping on many of their deals. The current tally for one-day shipping is at 10 million. So, if you think your kids are ready to get into gaming, now is the time to get them some gear. It also helps that you can put items on your watchlist by tapping “Watch This Deal.”

Then, Amazon will send you a notification when the item goes on sale during the Prime Day marathon. Plus, it’s so nice when you get your desired items by 9 p.m. the next day – what a convenience!

Gamers Get Ready

You’re only getting into this for new gaming gear, right? Well, not only can you get some envy-inducing new gadgets, but you’ll get them at a wicked price! Amazon did not forget about the gamers, and probably never will. For instance, there are laptop deals that offer a free download of games with purchase. One game slated for this type of deal is Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

If you need a new gaming mouse, the Logitech G502 Hero is $31 off. It has a 16,000 dpi sensor, braided cable, and 11 programmable buttons. Phew! What a steal. You may also like the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE keyboard – which is now at $70 off the original retail price. It has an aluminum frame, volume roller, Cherry MX Speed switches, and double-shot keycaps.

If you need more space for your games, then check out the price on the WD My Passport SSD 2TB which is now $400 off the original retail price! If you’re not ready to purchase a completely new gaming device – this can help allay that decision for a long while.

If you want to purchase a Xbox One S bundle, you can get it now for between $180 and $200. Such a steal.

Other Gaming Accessories You Need to Check Out

If you wanted a 12-month subscription for Xbox Live, this would normally cost around $60. But, expect $20 off during Prime Day. I mean, how can you turn down classics such as Battlefield or Call of Duty? Moreover, subscribers get at least two free games per month.

Modern games are becoming much more realistic with their graphics, story lines, and options. The only downside is, they also take up so much more space. Just consider the game Red Dead Redemption 2, which installed at 107GB. That’s about a fifth of the storage of 500GB available on a Xbox One S. So, check out the Xbox One external hard drives for sale during Amazon Prime Day.

As you can see, Amazon Prime Day is the perfect event for gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike. Simply create your watch list, set aside some time, and let the shopping begin. It’s as easy as tapping or clicking, and you’ll get your new gaming gear in about a day too.