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The Best Laptops in 2020 That Are Compatible With Adobe Premiere 

Adobe premiere is good with even cheap laptops. But do you want to wait for 2 hours for the video to edit even it is just for a few minutes? Video rendering with premium laptops is easy and you can do it within minutes if you are fast enough. There is so many best laptop for Adobe Premiere which can cut down your entire editing time and make you a lot more productive. When comparing laptops for Adobe Premiere, it’s essential to consider factors like performance and compatibility, as well as software options like DaVinci Resolve vs. Premiere Pro.What usually is necessary are 8 and up to 16GB of RAM, a Multicore Intel processor having 64-bit support, clear display. Here are some of the top laptops that are recommended if you use Adobe Premiere a lot.  


The gaming laptops which come with the latest CPU and GPU are the most compatible options. Usually, video editing software does not require power which is more than 2070 or even 2060RTX. There are several laptops you would find that come with 10th generation i7, and because they are expensive going for a good brand is always advisable. And, ASUS has always been a favorite among gamers because of durability and high performance 

Surface Book 3 

It comes with a Quad-core i7 10th gen and has 16-32GB RAM. This laptop is light and getting the necessities mentioned to become laptops for Adobe Premiere sometimes heavy ones, this one is a good option. It only weighs 4lb and if you want something portable, this is your best option. A dedicated GPU and NVIDIA GTX 1650/1660Ti, this is regarded as one of the best in the market as of now. 

Dell XPS 15

If you want to buy it for once and for all and is okay with spending the big bucks, then this laptop has your name written on it. A big screen with late generation GPU and CPU and 4k resolutions that you hardly find in any other laptop, this is ultra-premium and is only meant for a few.  

Acer Nitro 5 

This is one of the budget laptops for Adobe Premiere and comes with a core i5 9300H CPU and also a mid-range GTX 1650. You can update the model to 16GB. Therefore, a great option if you are working within a budget but not compromise on the specifications.  

These are the best laptop for Adobe Premiere that you can buy. But before purchasing, always compare all and then take the wise decision, you can even talk to experts for a clearer idea.