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How can I keep a track of my sales through Ebay?

It is a reality that sales are one of the most important elements for all companies and that is why it is essential to acquire all the tools and skills necessary to achieve our goals and a good sales follow-up. Throughout our experience, we have detected that there are three fundamental points that every seller must include in their commercial process to increase their sales:

Increase your speed

Contacting a potential customer in the first 5 minutes of receiving their data increases the probability of closing the sale by up to 67%. Whereas doing it after 5 minutes decreases the probability up to 10 times!

Training and updating in the best sales practices

Increase your salespeople’s skills by 85%. The 85% of marketers do not have sales skills. What little they sell they attribute to luck or lack of it.

Timely follow-up

Increase your business opportunities by 45%. The 45% of the business opportunities are lost because salespeople do not contact your prospects. This time we will focus on sales monitoring, as implementing it within your business process will boost your sales faster than you imagine.

Selling and Buying Products

Suppose that at this moment you are interested in buying a product, let’s think you want to change the curtains in your house, you receive the information in detail, and it seems very attractive and fits your budget. All the conditions are presented for you to make the purchase but you are so busy that you say “I’ll buy them tomorrow”. The reality is that regularly that morning does not arrive until days, weeks or even months later that is, when you remember that at some point you were interested in making the change and by then surely you no longer have the same interest or there are already things that are working for you more attractive. When you are selling on ebay then the online tracker and CRM services will be available also.

This would mean the loss of a sale for the curtain company because although you were ready to buy, the lack of time or attention at the time caused the sale to fall. Now imagine that the next day, you received the call from the salesperson that sent you the information asking you if you have questions about the curtains. This would be a reminder for you not to overlook that interest you have. It is a reality that on a day-to-day basis, with the amount of activities that we have to carry out, on many occasions we forget to do or buy things in which we are even very interested, has this happened to you?

Consider that the same happens with your clients

It may be that they are very interested in hiring you, your prices adjust to their budget but the lack of time and attention keeps them away from the purchase. As a seller, it is your responsibility to close that sale, it is practically done, and you just have to be patient and persistent in your follow-up of the sale.