About us

Technology is ever evolving, and if you are a tech enthusiast, you would want to grab the best news and stories on the go. Raon Digital offers that and much more.

  • Our story

Raon Digital was initiated by team of experienced tech bloggers, authors and writers, who wanted to launch a platform that resonates with evolving technologies and things readers want to read. We came up with the idea of having a comprehensive tech website that covers anything and everything related technology, database, mobile, software, internet and other allied sectors. Today, we are a budding team of writers and editors, and we often buy tech products and talk to real people before writing reviews.

  • Our mission

Raon Digital strives to offer quality contents related to tech and allied industry. From the basics about communication and information technology to detailed guides, internet and more, we cover it all. We also look forward to taking up reader comments and request. If you want us to cover a niche related to the categories mentioned, feel free to write to us.

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