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How to Repair Corrupt Video Files?

Videos are one of the important aspect of our precious moments, but since nowadays video corruption is very common issue faced by users. There are numerous reasons behind video corruption which makes the video unplayable and crates a pathetic situation.

In this blog post we will discuss the reasons behind video corruption and how to repair those corrupt video files which the help of an effective Stellar Repair for Video tool.

Stellar video repair is one of the best video repair tool which is recommened by Many professional photographers and videographers recommend it for repairing issues. With its advanced feature it ensures 100% safety towards data security.

TOP Reasons behind Video corruption:

  1. Interruption during download or transfer of video file
  2. Virus infection in the system or video files.
  3. Abrupt Sudden power loss while viewing video
  4. Operating system issue or file system errors
  5. Video compression Issue

However, these reasons are very common but can be fixed by using a professional Video Repair tool, but before switching to any Video repair tool first try some workaround.


  1. Re – Download the Video file: It may sometimes happen that due to incomplete transfer or download or even sudden power failure the video files become corrupted and unplayable so try to download the file again from the same source.
  2. Download the supporting Codec: Since every video file format has different file format and sometimes due to absence of supporting Codecs the video files get unplayable. So try downloading the proper supporting Codec.
  3. Look for other Media Player: Sometimes because of the media player also the video files become unplayable. This happens because of the compatibility of video player. VLC, Windows Media Player are 2 such media players which has proven to be the best in terms of video files, they are compatible with almost all video file formats.
  4. Update your PC drivers: It may happen that your PC drivers are not updated which are causing the videos Stammering issue. So update your PC drivers.
  5. Convert a particular video file format into other format: Sometimes it may happen that a video needs to converted into the different format in order to become playable. For ex. You can convert MTS video files to MP4 files and then play them again.

How to Fix corrupt Video Files by using Stellar Repair for Video?

A professional and efficient Video repair software can repair all sorts of corruption issues in any video file. It can also repair corruption in header files, video frames, slider movement, of video files. Also, the software is compatible enough to repair video file which have become granny, distorted, damaged,truncate, audio – free, jerky, etc and makes the videos playable again.

Also, this video repair software supports video shot by almost all storage media devices. Sometimes the videos become corrupted while transfer from one device to other but stellar repair for video has the ease to fix all video related problems.

Key Features of Using Stellar Repair for Video:

  • Repairs 17+ video file formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc
  • Can repair multiple videos simultaneously.
  •  User friendly interface User can preview the repaired files before saving.
  • Free trial version of the software is available.
  • Repairs multiple 4k, 8k, 360o & VR videos simultaneously
  • Compatible with both Windows system and macOS.
  • Advanced Repair feature is available for severely corrupted videos.
  • Supports multiple storage media devices.

30 – day money back Guarantee in case of software  Fails to repair your video files.

Steps to repair video files:

Step 1: Download and Launch Stellar Repair for Video Software

Interface of Stellar Repair for Video

Step 2: From the main interface of the software there is a add file dialog box. Click add files and browse to add corrupt video files.

Step 3: Now when the corrupt video files are added, click repair from the footer of the software to start the repairing process.

List of Corrupted Video Files

Step 4: Now when the repairing process a dialog box will appear to save the repaired files, Click save repaired files to save the repaired video at their desired location.

Preview and save the repaired video files

Note: You can also preview the repaired files before saving, also do not save the repaired files on the same drive or device on which you have your corrupted files, else choose different device or drive.

Final Words:

We have shared the reasons behind the corruption of video files and also have shared the best and effective solutions to deal with non-playable and corrupt Video files. However, the workarounds mentioned in the blog are the temporary solutions which may sometimes work, but for the severely corrupted video file Stellar Repair for Video is the most effective software. This DIY tool introduced by Stellar Data Recovery India is one such video repair tool which can repair unlimited number of video files simultaneously.