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Important features to use of AngularJS 

AngularJS is the most powerful and helpful framework that helps in developing hybrid web applications for business purpose. It offers you an opportunity to utilize HTML for the layout language along with giving you a chance to stretch out the syntax for mentioning the components of your application without any problem. The dependency and data binding properties help in reducing the code language that makes it the best platform for new developers. If you are looking forward to develop your business application then you can hire professional angular JS developer. However, given below are some features that you can use to develop on your own.


It is known as the marker on DOM elements like attributes, css and many more. These are very helpful in customizing your HTML tags that work as new custom widgets. This can greatly help in enhancing the design of your official application to attract the audience towards your business and increase the sales to the great extent. AngularJS platform has various built-in directives like ngModel, ngBind etc. So, you don’t have to struggle too much in making your application attractive if you are using this platform. 

Model and view whatever 

This is called a design pattern that greatly helps in dividing an application into three different parts such as Model, View and Controller. All the three parts have their own responsibility. The feature in AngularJS does not work in a traditional pattern but something like that. In the professional language, it is known as model viewer whatever. 

Deep linking 

This feature helps you to encode the state of application in the URL that allows it to get bookmarked. This is very beneficial for recovering the application from the bookmark at the same step in the mobile or other devices without any problem.