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5 Reasons Why Developers Prefer Angular.JS for Web and App Development

The upcoming years will demand a more-futuristic website for the brands willing to be a part of the e-commerce world. Even if a brand is not selling its products online, an online presence is mandatory. It has become the protocol and e-commerce will soon be the only viable option to survive in this cutthroat competitive digital world.

The web developers are always in search of the best answers for a particular solution. In this aspect, they consider Angular.js as the ideal solution for developing an e-commerce website for a brand going online with its products and services. The business owners are also willing to hire Angular js developers for preparing a future-ready website for online ventures.

Why do developers prefer Angular.js?

JavaScript is still ruling the market even after its release in the year 1995. The web development frameworks available in this domain are remarkable. One such elegant example is Angular.js. There are many reasons for preferring this framework over the others and hire Angular js developers India. Let us find them out.

  1. Model View Controller done right

The model view controller (MVC) is done aptly and easily using the easing features of Angular.js. In the other frameworks, MVC is done by entirely splitting the web app into different components. Each component is then coded. Once finished, all of them are strung together and then a conglomerate model is formed. This seems to be a lot of coding from the developer’s point of view.

Shyam Seshadri, Author-AngularJS: Up and Running: Enhanced Productivity with Structured Web Apps said,

“The model is the data, the view is the UI, and the controller is the business logic.”

When it comes to Angular, the coders will not have to code the components separately. The platform of Angular.js will do it for you. The self-management platform is extremely beneficial for avoiding complexities and completing a project within a short period. An Angular js development company will be able to describe the differences to you elaborately.

  1. User interface element

Angukar.js is known to use HTML to define the user interface of an application. HTML, as we all know, falls in the declarative genre of languages. More intuition and less convolution define an interface designed using this framework. HTML is also more flexible and will not break, unlike JavaScript.

HTML also shows how an app execution will be determined. A controller for each element is determined by HTML. It means that this declarative approach will make app development extremely simple and easy to accomplish. Your definition of requirements will be straightforward followed by Angular.js. This is how it benefits an Angular js development company when it comes to app development.

  1. Google supports it!

Angular.js is the brainchild of programmers who are also dedicated to Google. Initially, it was developed as an open-source platform which became a framework in the later years. A huge community of Google and JavaScript developers is behind the growth of this elegant platform.

The skilled engineers show their enthusiasm to provide immense support to the community finding out the right solutions to the contemporary pain points. Hence, it is also a very clear reason for preferring this framework. The solid support from the community is also a reason for seeking Angular js development services for your business portal development.

  1. Writing less code

As mentioned earlier, the straightforward nature of this framework aids the developer by not demanding to write ample amounts of code. The use of HTML will not require you to prepare your MVC pipeline. The conciseness of the code written is solely based on the features of HTML. Also, the app code is separate from that of the directives. Hence, there will be no issues regarding data integration when another team is working on the code. When you hire Angular js developers India, you will get a good idea of this feature.

  1. Data binding both ways

The two-way feature of Angular.js for data binding represents a change in the UI influencing the app objects. The same will happen in the other direction. On encountering browser events, user actions, and module changes, necessary patterns are updated immediately. DOM element links are not necessary to be stored or manipulated directly.

Shyam Seshadri also said,

“Angular is not completely MVC; the controller will never have a direct reference to the view. This is great because it keeps the controller independent of the view, and also allows us to easily test the controller without needing to instantiate a DOM.”


The rich features of this framework make web and mobile app development much easier. A lot of burden in terms of writing code reduces. This is why hiring an Angular js development company in India will be the best decision to pursue.