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You’ve probably heard the term responsive web design. This is very important when it comes to the usability of your website. But what exactly is it, and why is it so important? In this blog we explain it all to you. In case of sdlc this is important.

What does it mean?

Nowadays there are more and more devices with which you can get on the internet. Previously, this was only possible with a computer or laptop, but now we also have tablets and smartphones. All these devices have different dimensions, of course. Simply put, a responsive website takes into account the dimensions of the screen on which the visitor visits the website. This means that you can view the website on any device, and it will always look neat.

Why is it so important?

Of course, we don’t have to tell you that the appearance of a website weighs enormously for the visitor’s feeling. Thanks to a responsive design, your website will continue to look beautiful and professional; on whatever device your website visitor opens it. In addition, functionality is of course also an important point. With a website that is not responsive, you often see that the entire layout of the website changes when it is opened on a smartphone, for example. As a result, pieces of text may disappear, or it is even no longer possible to use important buttons such as a quote request. This way you miss conversions.

It is also good to remember that there is a significant shift from desktop to mobile. This means that more and more people are using the internet on their smartphone. This obviously makes it even more important to make your website responsive, because most likely most visitors come in via their phone.

Make sure you are responsive.

Finally, it is also good to know that not only your website visitors like that they can visit your website on any device, Google also likes that. Since 2015, Google’s algorithms have been set up to show mobile-friendly websites higher in the search results. So make sure your site is responsive.

Bad design: 24.2% of respondents

These results are a lesson and a warning for all those who consider the introductory page consisting of a flash animation about the size of the installation package of the DOOM game (something around 4MB) to be a good idea. Unfortunately, this scandal is also spreading among web design companies, where the client rightly expects them to make sense. Under the guise of creativity and with the universal answer that everyone has a high-speed Internet connection today; the client will get an effective, but from a commercial point of view, a highly inefficient product, which a large part of potential clients will not even see. The motivation for such websites is often not the effort to offer the client the best solution, but to show their technical prowess and gain some points among the professional public.