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Automatic Pool Cleaners: Principles of Work

Owning a pool is a huge benefit for everyone. It brings multiple leisure possibilities and aesthetic satisfaction. But outdoor pool adds to your regular chores as well. 

Pool cleaning requires a thoughtful approach, time waste, and often professional services. 

Best Robotic pool cleaner can be the best solution for your needs and save your time and efforts for sure. 

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

When it comes to selecting the best appropriate automatic pool cleaner for your needs and preferences, it is vital to understand their work principles and peculiarities. 

  • Suction-side automatic pool cleaner – this type of pool cleaner is powered by a pool pump of your above-ground or in-ground pool. It moves around the pool in a certain way to clean all the dirt and external items away and sucks everything in your filtering system. Suction side cleaner is easy to install and exploit and a cheap option for beginners.
  • Pressure-side automatic pool cleaner – it operates with the hose attached to the pool dedicated return line and exploits the water pressure for moving and sucking in dirt and external items. Pressure-side cleaner collects all the rubbish into a special bag not loading your filter system. Some of these cleaners need a booster pump for more efficient performance. It also helps to spread filtered water around the pool.
  • Robotic automatic pool cleaner – robotic cleaner is definitely the most privileged option. It has its own filtering system, so it performs an extra filtering procedure for your pool. It is also self-contained, meaning that it doesn’t need to be attached to your pump or filter system. The dirt and external items are collected into a special bag. Although this is the most expensive type, it amazes with the speed, qualitative performance, and additional features, depending on the model.

Mind all pros and cons and make the right decision to keep your pool clean.