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5 Simple ways to keep your Device Safe from Hackers

Smartphones are being used for almost everything by people. Individuals store all sorts of data on smartphones. It is being used to do bank transfers, booking cab, ordering food, sending emails, and using all other social media platforms. But we should also be aware of the ad hoc of not protecting the essential data.

Many people just let go of the fact to secure their smartphones. They think nothing can happen wrong with them. But the fact is hackers don’t look into this they just find a way to steal your data and do mishap with it. Several people are falling into the trap of cyber threats. Don’t be the one to become their target.

There are several ways to protect your device from hackers but some of the simple and unique ways are highlighted below:

Implement a strong password:

One of the basic and foremost things an individual should follow is to use a string and different passwords for different accounts. Don’t use the same password everywhere. And don’t keep passwords such as abc123, 123456, or any such easily accessible password. Try to use an idiosyncratic password which will be difficult for the hackers to identify.

Secure apps:

Only go for the secure apps available on Google Playstore or App Store. Don’t go for apps provided by third party site. Try to read the review and description of the app provider before installing it. This allows you to get the knowledge and awareness of the hackers.

Random Links:

Don’t always jump to click on the random links available on social media. Try to get the proper information about the same, make a thorough research and then use it. Several hacking links are been created to steal your data. You will not be able to know that your documents are being stolen by the criminals. Be aware of the links.

Connecting to Public WiFi:

Having access to open WiFi in public places like malls, airports and cafes is so convenient. However, it is one of the riskiest things you can do on your smartphone. Because most open public WiFi networks don’t require any kind of log-in, anyone can access them, making them a prime target for hackers. While a quick check of your flight status or look up bits of trivia is okay, but you should avoid doing anything that could give hackers access to your sensitive data like banking or online shopping, for example, should wait until you are on your secure home network.

To protect your personal data, many tech innovators like Thierry LeVasseur and others suggests to turn off automatic WiFi connection on your phone so it won’t automatically connects to open public WiFi. Vancouver based Thierry Levasseur is a proven innovator of Web-based communications strategies and solutions, with a number of patents to his credit that have provided the basis for several new business ventures.

Lock your phone:

It is necessary to always have a lock on the smartphone. And if you’re using your smartphone for the official purpose it becomes crucial to lock it. You must have a separate lock for your phone and social apps to give an extra layer of protection. Thus, if the stealer is not a smart one, he won’t be able to do any harm to you and the mobile will be of no use to him.

Hence, to be guarded and stay secure you must take the above precautions. Do it asap before you become the next client for the hacker.