The Importance Of Understanding The Difference Between Data Backup And Archive

Understanding the distinction between archives & backups could be a lifesaver when there are legal requirements. It is also important to understand that there are cost and performance differences between backup and archives which may affect your choice. So without further ado, let us discuss the differences in detail.

What’s a Backup

Backup is the process of keeping data for prospective if necessary restoring. This is used when information is required on a regular basis and quickly. This might be anything from a backup of folders to a full nightly backup on whatever you have. In any case, it is utilized to revive damaged or lost information, nothing more. It is not an alternative for the kind of storage. That is where the file archiving comes to play.

What is an Archive

When the company needs to store the information in the archive usually it means that the timeframe for the information to last will be way longer compared with regular data backup. In such a case the Archive software needs to take presence. Getting a file archive software is a good way to start.

The Differences

There is a significant difference between restoring and retrieving the files. Restoring the data basically means that you always should have quick access to it and retrieving the information will usually take a while to complete and usually used to keep files stored away for a long time. The size of both of these makes a difference. Restoring is something you generally distribute and do to recover some information. While retrieving usually mean getting the info within a specific period of time that was stored years ago.

How Not To Get Tangled

As we mentioned, Legal Ramifications take place if you receive a court order to recover very particular and prolonged files from everything you generally backup. The software used for making regular backups is not the same thing as retrieval. It is trying to recover information from something which was intended to harbor tiny chunks of information, in comparison to what an Archival Retrieval must perform. It is probably better to invest into file archiving solution rather than buying regular data back up as it may play a low-down trick with you.


Hopefully, after you read this article you have a better understanding of the difference between Backups & Archives. There are scenarios where they both are needed particular reasons and having the wrong solution in place could be troublesome and even dangerous for your corporation, so as such, make sure you review your situation and make the right decision.