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Choosing Your Right Details for the Right Cloud App

From these new practices, emerges a new profession, the broker of services Cloud or CSB (Cloud Service Broker). Its purpose is to facilitate the consumption of cloud services. This is usually a service provider that plays an intermediary role in cloud computing. It essentially performs three functions: aggregation, integration and customization of multiple architectures selected. This concept developed in 2011 and will accelerate considerably in the next three years in connection with the development of hybrid clouds. However, in case of incident, the dilution of responsibilities in the face of the multiplication of actors. With the childcare pick up software you can find the best deals.

Some prerequisites before taking the plunge

Like any outsourcing approach, it is necessary to conduct an upstream study to measure the value of cloud computing for its business. Although cloud computing reduces infrastructure costs, we should not neglect the realization of a 5-year economic study, comparing the different models, because Cloud Computing is not necessarily the most financially advantageous solution. Indeed, most providers charge you a high added value service, especially in terms of storage and security, which is paying a heavy price. With the preschool behavior management you can find the best deal. Ask yourself whether these services make sense of your needs. For example, is it necessary to have a maximum level of security for the data you want to host at a third party? Have a clear vision of the prerequisites and build your roadmap:

Server consolidation, virtualization, control of automated production

Cloud integration in your urbanization strategy (communication between applications via API, authorizations / federation of identity)

Network audit and bandwidth upgrade

Be careful about contracting:

  • Lock the reversibility clause (terms of retrieval of outsourced data in case of breach of contract).

Detail the data confidentiality clauses and like any outsourcing approach, do not neglect the HR impacts on the populations who will have seen part of their outsourced activity. With the after school pick up this is the best option now.

A market that has not finished evolving

The benefits of the cloud have not finished seducing companies. Gartner expects continued strong growth in cloud-based services with an annual growth rate of 17% from 2011 to 2017. In 2017, the cloud computing services market is estimated at more than $ 244 billion and new practices Strategies are emerging around the cloud since 2014.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), where the entire infrastructure (hardware resources) is external. For example, storage capacity and on-demand computing capacity on a network.

A cloud that is attractive to businesses

Thanks to its agile properties, the Cloud enables CIOs to deploy new applications faster and cheaper. This is by overcoming the load and traffic constraints, while respecting the security and business continuity standards and ensuring a high level of service.