This list of unusual PC cases is a fantastic place to start if you’re designing a new computer that will look as great as it performs. At Voltcave, we like to be different, therefore we decided to share some of the most unique PC cases on the market. Our selection emphasises both aesthetics and utility. Almost every case is functional enough that we’d recommend it for a construction, and they’re all unique, strange, or downright bizarre. Check this also How to find unique PC cases


The In Win D-Frame is the perfect case for the PC gamer who also enjoys monster trucks. With a similar custom water cooling loop, the aluminium piping that makes up the open-air chassis looks fantastic. And if you’re spending nearly $400 on a case, you’re not going to be air cooling anyhow.

Other noticeable features include the back-side PSU installation and sideways motherboard arrangement, in addition to its unusual design. The non-standard arrangement may be difficult for inexperienced builders, but we believe it’s just what you want.

Blue, orange, red, and white are available in the In Win D-Frame. It’s also available in a Mini-ITX version and a fully loaded complete tower, both of which are now out of stock everywhere. The normal ATX version, however, we believe, offers the best value.


The Cougar Conquer mid-tower case looks like it belongs in a garage rather than an office, and it comes with a price tag to match. This unique open air PC case debuted in 2017 and is still a modder favourite.

This case is frequently painted and vinyl-wrapped to spectacular effect, as shown in our featured build above. Because of the location of the power supply, cable extensions are occasionally required.

The newer Cougar Conquer 2, which has additional RGB lighting but is less intriguing to us, is not to be confused with this model.


It’s no wonder that Lian-O11 Li’s Dynamic is the most popular case on our list, thanks to its striking design and excellent airflow. This high-end chassis is perfect for water cooling but may also be used in an air-cooled setup. It contains brackets for a variety of radiators and fans.

The case’s distinctive partitioned layout is our favourite feature. The chassis is divided into two sections: a showcase section for the motherboard, fans, and related components, and a compartment below the motherboard that hides wires, drives, and supports two power supply units.

Only a few enthusiasts would use two power supplies in a mid-tower system, but it’s still an unusual feature. Support for a vertical GPU mount is another amazing and practical feature worth mentioning.


Thermaltake’s “mega tower,” the Tower 900, is massive and heavy, weighing in at 54 pounds. It features plenty of area for specialised liquid cooling and giant glass panels to display everything. With top-facing I/O ports and a 5.25′′ bay in the front that looks amazing with a fan controller mounted, the Tower 900 has a highly distinctive motherboard layout. We wish there were more situations like this.


The Thermaltake Core P5 V2 has a fairly standard design. What distinguishes this scenario is the range of possibilities. The Core P5 V2 may be hung on a wall, stand upright, and laid horizontally.

Although wall-mounted cases are more difficult to repair, they are more attractive, especially when cables are routed through the wall, as in our featured build. The Core P5 V2 has a number of features that we like, such as two different motherboard mounting positions, vertical GPU compatibility, and excellent cable management around the back, as well as capacity for three more hard drives.

The Core P-series cases from Thermaltake are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. For a more compact ATX case, look at the P3, and for a Mini ITX version, look at the P1.


With your monitor on top and your keyboard placed neatly underneath, this clean Mini ITX container is made to sit front and centre. Cryorig’s Taku is one of the most distinctive PC cases available in terms of layout and intended placement on your desk.

Although installing components inside this tiny box may appear difficult, the pull-out drawer design makes creating your PC a breeze.

The beautiful timber accents and the minimalist approach that maximises desk space are appealing to us. This item looks like something from an IKEA catalogue, in the best conceivable manner. When form follows function in PC case design, this is exactly what happens.


The AI Crystal Cube, unlike the InWin Diéy we’ll talk about later, does not have artificial intelligence. The AI Crystal Cube is fashioned like a mini-fridge and comes with the appropriate cooling assistance. It comes with five RBG fans pre-installed and can hold up to twelve more.

However, because of the front tempered glass panel, all those fans may not necessarily result in maximum airflow. While the tinted glass screen doesn’t help your temperatures, it does give the RGB fans a beautiful muted appearance. There’s also plenty of area for liquid cooling in the case.

One disadvantage of this case is that it includes clear glass side panels on both sides, which exposes the cable management chamber completely. If cable cleanliness is important to you, further effort will be required.

Anidees sells this case online, however it is actually made by the respectable Jonsbo company. Check out our list of the top cube PC cases for more similar possibilities.

8.LIAN -LI TU150

The TU150 is another sleek, understated casing from Lian-talented Li’s Taiwanese hardware designers. This is the first case on our list to have a retractable carrying handle, which is ideal for the few proud souls who still throw LAN parties or for the travelling professional who refuses to accept a laptop’s performance limitations.

The TU150 is a hefty case for a compact form factor PC, but with a volume of roughly 24 litres, it can hold a big GPU and CPU air coolers like the NH-D15. While it isn’t the most innovative PC case on the market, it is an useful and well-balanced chassis that is competitively priced.

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