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How to Download Torrent Files Very Fast & Anonymously in 2020?

Downloading torrent files is a risky task. Every time you access a torrent site unprotected, you are taking a huge risk. Your most sensitive data and personal information might be hacked. Your device might even get severely infected. So, to protect your identity and privacy, you must use a high-quality VPN before logging into any torrent site.

When you don’t use protection, you exposé your IP address to hackers and trolls, putting your privacy, identity, and device at risk. So we have brought to you a guide which might help you if you are new with torrenting. Below given is a step by step guide to downloading torrent files quickly anonymously

Start by installing a high-quality VPN

As we already stated, the first step towards safe torrenting should be connecting your device to a VPN server. Torrent websites have zero inbuilt security, making users highly vulnerable to online hackers and cyber threats. It might also malware your device.

Any BitTorrent user will be able to see your IP address if you access any torrent site without proper safety. This would make it easier for trolls and hackers to track your location. They can even browse through your activities and hack your device whenever possible. After you have selected the VPN provider of your choice, install it on your device. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can go through the list of the top-rated VPN providers online and choose accordingly. However, you must know that some VPN providers offer extended browser security. But you one such VPN provider which protects your entire device, not justify your browser extension.

Enable all VPN privacy settings

To secure your identity the most, you should check the Vpn’s privacy settings. Make sure all of them are enabled, to provide you with maximum security. This is an easy process and won’t take long. All you have to do is open your VPN app and move on settings. Search for the following privacy settings: Encryption, leak protection, and kill switch. In some VPN providers, these security options are already enabled. If they aren’t, enable them before going over to the next step.

Connect to a VPN server

You will get a lot of server options. Choose any one and click on connect.

This step, however, varies from server to server. If your VPN provider allows P2P file sharing facilities on all servers, you can connect your device with any server. To enjoy fast downloading speed, connect to the nearest server to your location.

Install BitTorrent client

BitTorrent clients seem to be the part of torrenting that’s most confusing to beginners. In reality, it’s not complicated.

Download any BitTorrent client. Users can’t download torrent files through browsers alone. Most people use uTorrent. It’s fast, easy to be used, powerful, and works on all platforms.

Open a torrent website

Now, after all this is done, visit a torrent site for example thepiratesbays. You can search for your favourite torrent site on Google. You must be knowing that most torrent sites are blocked. Secondly torrenting is too risky. You shouldn’t increase risks by browsing the torrent sites from low-quality websites.

Select and download your torrent file

Now you can select your favourite torrent file which you need to download. Torrent sites offer multiple downloading links for one file. Click on the one that lets you download the file quickly. Set BitTorrent client as the default app for all torrent files on your device.

So that’s a proper guide for users on how to download torrent files while keeping your identity anonymous. If you are new to torrenting, follow this guide for a safe torrent downloading experience. VPN servers encrypt your data and internet traffic, thereby not allowing anyone to see your ISP. Hence it makes you identify protected.