3 Best Services Packages in OYhost You Must Know

Are you looking for a place offering domain name and web hosting? Then you can start now at OYhost is the best place for you. Working with a professional team, this place will help you to get all of the plan packages you need for your business. Thus, what are the best plan packages offered here? Let’s find out the list in the following paragraphs.

Web Hosting

It’s not surprising that web hosting comes to be one of the most important things for many online businesses. With web hosting, the owner can find their potential customer easily. It supports a business well when the web hosting has high visibility in google searches.

Then, OYhost comes to give you the best packages with 250GB SSD, 1TB Bandwidth, 120 emails, and 30 domains. Also, there are three plan choices for you starting from premium, business, and elite. The price starts from USD 2.75 per month. When you run a business, the business or elite package is the best one.

Virtual Private Servers 

Do you need a Virtual Private Server or VPS? When you do, OYhost also provides its best package for this service. It starts from USD 9.99 per month to get many benefits from the services. Here, you can enjoy CPU 2 cores, RAM 2GB memory, Disk 20GB SSD Space, and data up to 1TB Bandwidth.

Nowadays, many people need VPS to support their businesses, especially small businesses. By having the servers, you can optimize all of the business activities. Besides, with Virtual Private Servers, your data business is safer.

Offer the Best Price

Besides Virtual Private Servers, OYhost also provides Dedicated Servers. As we know Dedicated Servers have a bigger resource than VPS. That’s why, when you have a bigger business, this server can be your best option. Talking about this server, you can enjoy the services at 82.00 USD per month.

Then, what are the services you will get? There are CPU 4x 3.20Ghz 2 Cores, RAM 16GB, Drives 2x1TB SATA 3.5, and 1Gbps – 20TB. As Web Hosting, you can also choose one of the three plans here: Premium, Business, and Elite. You can check each service and match it with your business.

To sum up, with the various service packages, you can choose the right plan packages depending on your need. Thus, you will never get confused since this website will offer you various best services to support your business. Let’s check the website and choose your best service packages in OYhost.