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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Camera for Your Operations

Quantity/count inspections, foreign matter/defect inspections, dimension inspections, and position inspections are the four types of machine vision applications. Furthermore, several industrial sectors employ each camera type. This article aims to cover various ideas for choosing an industrial camera right for the job.

#1: Resolution-based Selection

A vision camera’s image sensor (CCD or CMOS) has thousands of tiny pixels arranged in a grid. The pixel resolution refers to the number of millimetres that each pixel represents. Ensure that the resolution of the industrial camera is enough for its intended purpose.

#2: Colour or Monochrome Type Image Sensor

Consider if you want to utilise a colour or monochrome industrial 3D camera before purchasing one. When measuring dimensions with a backlight, monochrome cameras offer several benefits over colour cameras. Dimensional type measurements employing edges in the same picture, colour cameras are often less precise.

#3: Image Transfer Speed

The picture transmission rates of a line scan camera used in machine vision might vary. High-speed cameras are valuable for rapid production lines and favourable for normal-speed applications since additional processing time is available for picture filtering and instruments that can stabilise the inspection.

#4: Camera Size

A compact industrial camera is smaller than a full-frame camera. However, these cameras have the same features as full-frame cameras. Colour and monochrome compact industrial camera types have standard and high-resolution versions. Firms choose compact camera variants to make the most of restricted installation space.

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