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Why Your Business Must Have A Social Media Presence

Social media has come to help many businesses. With advancements in technology, different social media platforms now have new features that are helping brands grow their reach and increase their base. Features like live streaming even allow potential clients to interact with brands and their teams personally. A study carried out by the CMO survey in 2018 showed that the marketing budget that various brands spend on social media; will have doubled in the next five years. These statistics indicate huge numbers, and it is not surprising. 

Hundreds of thousands of brands today have profiles on different social media platforms. They have grasped the critical role that social media plays in today’s life. Billions of people are on social media platforms. These whooping numbers show that social media plays a crucial role in connecting brands with their clients. Therefore, you cannot afford to stay off social media if you want to compete against your competition and other big corporations. Here are some reasons why a social media absence should not be an option

  1. Social media will boost your SEO

Every ambitious business aims to increase its user engagement as well as traffic. However, it is impossible to achieve this if your prospects fail to find your brand over the internet. When you have social media profiles, you will be able to dominate the first search-result pages naturally. This will, in turn, increase your brand’s visibility and, ultimately, your profits. If your target audience is millennials and subsequent generations, this is even more important. You are likely to find millennials multitasking between the latest political news on Handelsblatt while looking at a brand’s newest product on their social media. Because they spend a lot of time on social media, you should create profiles to capture this audience.

  1. Gaining a competitive advantage

If you want to believe that your competition is unconcerned about having a social media presence, you are doing yourself a grey disservice. There are high chances that your competition will invest heavily in their social media presence. Most brands nowadays understand the importance of a positive online presence that they are willing to put in a lot of money and time into building it. If you choose to be absent from the social media scene, you will be giving your competition automatic benefits. Take a good look at what your competition is doing online, and come up with your ways of creating a presence for your brand. Your intended audience will know about you, and you will be able to reap the benefits of positive engagement.

  1. You will connect virtually with your clients

Any brand must prove its credibility to the clients. This is the only way to gain their confidence and trust, and social media platforms create the perfect environment for this to happen. Your brand will be able to engage with your customers and get their feedback. Feedback will help you to improve what you are offering your audience, and this way you will ultimately enjoy increased sales, and observe the growth of your audience.

Create your profiles on the social media platforms where most of your customers’ demographics are based. This will enable you to have a better chance of growing and improving your brand.