What Calendar King Has To Offer That Others Do Not?

The calendar is a fundamental element of your everyday life. Whether a college student, a working person, a business owner, or even a housewife. Calendars help you stay organized. And with technology, the advancement of the digital calendar is the best way you can remind yourself about your tasks and stay well thought-out. This is where Calendar King has been taking the market by storm.

This is one of the most popular calendar apps you will come across because it not only sets reminders for you but makes your daily calendar become a part of your active daily life. There are so many features that you get to enjoy with Calendar King. From the checklist, stickers for iMessage, widget, markers, and stickers, there are so many options. 

How Is Calendar King Different From Others?

It is a universal app for all iPhones, iPods, as well as iPad and there are various types of reminders and notes including monthly, weekly, and daily. The customized home screen color offers you a brilliant way to add your personal touch. What separates it from other calendar apps is a widget with a month view, a lot of cute stickers (they make scheduling more fun and happening), custom alert sounds, and designated markers to mark different important tasks of days, weeks, and months.

As a student, you get the advantage of having a class timetable and not to worry the all-in-one features including weather forecast helps you plan your day accordingly. You can even get a PDF version of your calendar and print it out and customize everything from color, text size, and a lot more. 

  • You can directly place stickers on your calendar chart from a huge collection available. You can mark an entire day like a birthday sticker to remind your friend’s birthday or decorate the whole calendar. 
  • Calendar King lets you make check-list reminders for any event or add notes for your convenience.  
  • Your calendar will only be a sweep away so that you can check it anytime you want and it is highly user-friendly. 

There is a premium subscription available too. There are some extra features that you get to enjoy with it. But this is one of the best ways by which you could manage your daily schedule and that too in a fun and creative way and you can even upgrade if you wish to. No more forgetting or getting confused regarding events and important dates with AwesomeCalendar. Everything is now within the palms of your hand.