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Hacking is a game of malicious tool


What is hacking and what is the use of it? All might be aware of two types of hacking. White hat hacking and black hat hacking. Now what is a keylogger and what is use of it will be discussed in this article? To install a key logger is also not a difficult task. All doubts will be cleared in this article. It is an easy phenomenon to do so. Any data which a hacker stole from your computer is a part of hacking. Hence this logger and hacking are interconnected to each other. 

What is keylogger??

Keyloggers are a treat to the data used by the user. They rely on to track your password and other sensitive option from your pc or laptop. Any confidential file or big data of any company is stolen by them. Any type of money transaction is being extracted by them. Money used in banks and other platforms is also stolen by them. This is the basic thing a keylogger does.  So how to install a keylogger to safeguard your business or work is a big question mark. Here we will discuss this topic too.

How to keep your pc safe?

When we talk about how to install a keylogger the points are mentioned below.

  • You need to first download pc tattletale on your pc. This is a very easy step to be done. Make a free account in this. 
  • Next, you need to download and install the app properly. Hence your file will be automatically saved on your Microsoft page.
  • Sign in to your pc tattletale and make one valid account. 
  • You can use some other device to recheck your work is done or not properly.
  • This will help you to create a video in this also. You can also use a remote keylogger too. 

There are various other steps to download it on the android phone, other pc, etc.

When we talk about hacking it is in huge demand nowadays. To some extent, you should properly make use of technology. Both impacts are possible choice is yours. Choose the right path always like white hat hacking to safeguard your data. But for black hat hacking, you need to be more focused and you need to check the status of it. The choice is what you want to do in life. Never less never the more, time is precious use it the most.