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Understand the Difference Between Inkjet and Toner Printing to Make a Sensible Purchase

With practically all houses and companies keeping desktops, laptops, and related accessories, there are various options available to make every work smooth and seamless. If they have a desktop, they can also keep printers in the office and at home. With the printer on the premises, desktop users have the option of purchasing ink or toner cartridges for their specific printer. 

Cartridges are available in the market for various brands. However, it is necessary to understand if your printer requires an inkjet or toner cartridge. You might think what is the difference if they both printout sheets, colored or black and white. Well, the quality of the printout determines the kind of cartridge you require. 

Moreover, not all stores can provide variants of cartridges to their customers. However, Need More Ink located in Boca Raton, Florida is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of cartridges available in the world. They provide special discounts on HP ink and Toner cartridge. After reading, this article if you understand the difference between ink and toner, then shopping online will be an easy task for you.


An Inkjet printer uses heat and physics to control ink dispersal during printing. One cartridge for black ink and either three independent color cartridges (cyan, yellow, and magenta) or one tri-color cartridge are always present. While printing, the tri-color cartridge combines all three inks to provide clarity. They’ll be a lot handier and more cost-effective than buying three individual color cartridges.


  • Inkjet printers are cheaper than toner printers are. However, they require frequent replacement, models like HP and DeskJet help in saving money by being compatible with inkjet cartridges. 
  • The color blending of an inkjet printer is spectacular and it is compatible with any kind of paper giving out smooth and clean printouts. 
  • If you hardly print pages, then inkjet is the right option for you. This is because it is cheap, and the best option for those who take fewer printouts. 

Toner Printer 

Laser printers print by projecting a single electric charge at a printing drum. Printer toner is a powder-based print medium made of granulated plastic that gives better accuracy and control over the printout. It is normally held in a single cartridge. The charged printing drum collects toner powder and then transfers it to paper. The paper is heated to soften the toner particles and ensure that your print settles correctly. The laser printing is primarily black-and-white, and still you may find color options with the four-cartridge arrangement.


  • It may be slightly expensive than an inkjet printer, but the ink is less wasted as the powder is blended with plastic to print on the sheet. 
  • This also means the recurring cost of refilling and replacement is less.
  • With toner printing, the chances of smudging and bleeding are less compared to an inkjet. The quality is better and sharper than the other is. 
  • The printing speed is higher and faster. It saves money on other supplies and gives you printout in half the time. 

You should buy a printer based on your personal needs. Either an inkjet printer or a laser printer will suffice. Toner cartridges are used in laser printers, whereas inkjet printers utilize inkjet cartridges. They are rather diverse, and understanding a bit more about them will help you choose a printer. Thus, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each before making a purchase.