Best Gaming Microphones for 2021

Apart from gaming, Microphones are also used to turn your passion or hobby into a career. It is used for streaming, music recording, and also for gaming purposes. Certain gaming mics havenumerous polar patterns and others have just one. Some of the polar patterns are cardioid which is best for recording one vocal. The Bidirectional or figure 8 has two fields of polarity on either side of the mic. Two vocals can be recorded at the same time on either side of the mic. Separate mics can be used to record multiple voices. The Omnidirectional mic is best for capturing ambient sounds, crowd chattering, room noise, etc. There are also Studio mics and USB gaming mics. Some of the best microphones that are used for gaming are mentioned below. Do have a look at this article Mics for gaming to get more info

  • HyperX Quadcast: It has clarity and impressive vocal warmth. It is one of the popular gaming microphones that is used by gamers toprovide the best gaming performance. When the mic is on, a red light illuminates behind the cradle. When you tap on the microphone the light will turn off and it will be muted. The advantages include amazing clarity, easy control, four polar patterns, shock mount, and adapter for boom stands. The disadvantages are the USB interface has a limitation for audio to 48 kHz/ 16 bit and is slightly expensive.
  • Elgato Wave: 3 – This comes with more advanced features like the Clipguard, YouTube compression, Twitch streaming, high-res audio recording, etc. The Elgato Wave :3 is best for streaming purposes, its small build-in design makes it portable.The advantages are the built-in pop shield, Anti- distortion tech, small and portable. The disadvantages are cardioid only, muted low end, and can accidentally get muted.
  • Blue Yeti USB:This comes as the easiest mic to handle and excels in the single vocal signal. This is also the stylist USB microphone thathas an added advantage for streaming before an audience. The controls are easy to use, it has a mute button and single volume control at the front of the mic. There are no chances of accidentally hitting the wrong button. The advantages of the mic include a stable stand,  great versatility, an easy control layout, and crystal clear vocals. The disadvantages are there are no hi-res recording options, crunchy audio characteristics.
  • NZXT Capsule Mic:This is the best stylish microphone for streaming. Just like the quality style matters for streamers. The NZXT Capsule Mic has an amazing cylindrical style, the right quantity of RGB  along high-quality audio. The mic also performs well inhigh ceiling rooms. The advantages include Minimalist style, great audio quality, and has the plug and play feature present in it. The disadvantages are it cannot tweak gain in software and comes with only one pattern.

Several best gaming microphones are available in the market and online stores. It comes with different features along with pros and cons. Check out the amazon prices to choose the best gaming microphone with super savings that include promo codes to availthe best buy products.