Thinking of getting a new internet connection, the first thing you should do is test your internet speed. Here is the unbiased review of top apps for you.

Open the speed test app on the device and allow it to run. In few seconds it displays the result i.e. your real speed of your connection. Compare it with the advertised speed of your service provider. Also see this: Charter speed test

Online Speed test by Ookla

Though the basic version is free, the premium version is ad free. Since Ookla is not an internet service provider, user can trust their measured performance and network diagnostics. In ookla user have opportunity to choose a test server anywhere in the world. Ookla perform test like upload test, download test, ping test. Another feature of Ookla is user can choose their server by clicking on ‘Change Server’ link.


NetSpot analysis the wireless area coverage, network security, network feasibility. With its data collections and data visualization software, consumers can collect information about their networks and workplaces to optimize wireless network solutions. Netspot also have feature of troubleshooter for solving network connectivity issue.

Verizon Speed Test

It’s the largest internet service provider in the United States. Speed test is free and simple to use on Verizon. One problem user can face is large number of ad on free version. Verizon speed test is only available in the United States.

Google Fiber Speed Test

Google is one of the original fiber optics provide in the world. The user interface is clean, minimalist and can be use all types of internet speed. Along with these it also performs ping test for user. Google fiber speed test is a hassle and ad free. User can use Google fiber speed test free of cost. Though, it is not an independent Service Provider and can be potentially biased.


Fast.com is a free and easy to use site to test your internet speed. It is run by Netflix and measure the download speed between device and Netflix network. Test is runs on a secure HTTPS Protocol which insecure the safety of device. Fast.com lack of information about troubleshooting and how to improve connection speeds.

It’s designed for broadband speed test and optimized for mobile device. SpeedOf.me test the download and upload speed and show the result in real time colorful graph. It also has a feature of history graph that help user to compare the past result. It is also free to use and runs on HTML5 Optimization for mobile and desktop. Ads o the site ad clutter interface and be added to the drawbacks of the site.

AT & T Internet Speed Test
Display the test results as plain text, which make it easy to save it for later reference. Provides download estimates for mp3 files and video clips and upload estimates for email attachments and photo galleries.
The drawbacks can be no information about the testing location, your IP address, Internet Service Provider, ping test etc.