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Trends of data science and analytics changing the industries 

As time is passing rapidly, one thing that is increasing at a high speed is the collection of data. Whether through the internet of things, customer reviews, social media or e-commerce sources, the amount of data produced every day is unfathomable. 

As Data science and analytics have started playing a very crucial role in the growth of almost every industry, it is quite clear that the big data trend is to stay. The businesses are trying to hike their profits so that they are using data to leverage customer satisfaction and develop their services.

Therefore, it is quite normal to perceive the fact that data science course in bangalore are opening up new avenues and also bringing in new technologies in the market. There are some trends in this field that are ever-growing and some are getting popular, but data science is an innovative avenue to look out for. 

Some of the latest trends in data science are:

Artificial intelligence 

One of the biggest trends in data science is the use of artificial intelligence. Today smaller to bigger enterprises are also using AI rendered technology and software to make the processes more smooth and user-friendly. Also, the AI has made it possible to perform some of the most complex tasks in a short time and without any error. In such a way, efficiency has increased ten folds as the human can perform other tasks while AI can perform repetitive and complex functions.

Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things is one such trend in data science that is growing rapidly with the trillion-dollar market already. The crux of the internet of things is the smart devices that help in collecting and understanding the data. Whether it is smartphones, personal assistants, self-driving cars or any other smart technology in the market, they are all part of the IoT. This trend helps to collect and analyze large bulks of data in a way that can be helpful.

Predictive analytics

When it comes to data science, analytics is a major part of it. Among all other analytics work, predictive analytics is the one that can change the future technology market. Predictive analytics helps in taking into account various past and present data to find out what will happen in the future. This will help the business to make better decisions and predict market behavior to increase customer service.

Tapping the dark data

There are various types of data available. One such data type that is still a mystery to the data scientists is dark data. Dark data is the type of data that is not converted yet into a digital format and thus is still sparsely not studied and understood. With data science, it is slowly becoming a possibility to capture the dark data and transfer it to the cloud so that analytics can work on that as well.


As the data is slowly growing in masses, it is becoming more complex and complicated to handle. The data pipeline is now more complicated and complex so that it requires more sophisticated tools and technology to analyze such data. This is the reason why there is a rise in the usage of governance and DataOps tools like automation, testing analysis, new delivery methods, etc. to enhance the pipeline process.

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As the data is becoming more complex, the ways to process them is also becoming more complex. The rising trend in data science is not only making data science the most popular of the technology world, but also in making the industries perform optimally.  

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