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What is Green Technology? A Glimpse at the Past and the Future

Green technology is no stranger to us. The center of widespread TV advertisements and online campaigns, green technology is already integrated into our daily lives. And as natural calamities strike major megacities around the globe, even non-conservationists are now looking for ways to protect the environment.

But what is green technology and where did it actually originate? Call it clean technology or sustainable technology, but one thing’s for sure: our planet needs our collective effort to build a sustainable lifestyle–the very reason why green technology continues to exist.

A Brief History: Why We Have the Egyptians to Thank For!

It’s ironic how ozone depletion, water scarcity, and global warming have positively impacted our perception of the environment. As our resources get slowly depleted, most of us become more conscientious when it comes to using products that are greener and safer for the environment.

Enter green technology.

Contrary to popular belief, green technology existed long before our love for Netflix, K-Pop, and Facebook. Well, of course, it did. But did you know that it has already been around for thousands of years?

According to a study, the concept of green technology started in as early as 7,000 years ago, when the Egyptians cleverly used the wind for water transport. From wind-propelled boats, our other natural resources have served a variety of purposes for irrigation, power generation, land transport, and the likes.

All abstract concepts aside, it was in 2,000 B.C. that green technology sprung as a tangible, eco-friendly technological solution. During so, the Egyptians (again) constructed buildings that utilized passive ventilation in the form of an ice-powered air-conditioning system.

Could you just imagine using snow to cool your personal space? Well, the then Roman Emperor Varius Avitus sure did as he ordered his men to gather snow from the mountains to create a cooling system for his palace. Yup, it can’t get cooler than that!

Today, green technology is fast evolving as more brands continue to develop products that can win them the race towards becoming the next household name.

What is Green Technology? 

Strongly linked to measures that create a huge impact on the environment, green technology is the by-product of thoughtful and intuitive eco-friendly solutions. The goal behind every green product’s development is simple: to create a sustainable technology to protect the environment.

From small recycling projects to complex alternative energy use, green technology utilizes renewable or non-renewable resources to eliminate different environmental hazards. When you use rechargeable batteries, for instance, you are already playing a big part in protecting the environment by reducing toxic wastes that lead to harmful gas emission.

Green technology doesn’t stop there as it can go from small batteries to massive hydroelectric dams. And as the industry gets the entire buzz from (aspiring) environmentalists, the market for green technology continues to grow and expand.

Put simply, green technology is never an on-going process. It is the sum of all sustainable solutions that can make every household a greener, eco-friendly space.