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Reach More Customers with a Separate Business Phone Number

As a business owner, it’s always good for you to separate your business life from personal life by having a separate phone number for your business. Whether you are a start-up, retail, marketing or trade, you can obtain a significant amount of benefits from 1300 business numbers. 1300 business phone numbers are commonly referred to as ‘local call numbers’ in Australia and are a widely accepted communication solution for businesses. Here we’ve listed a few reasons why you need an online business phone number.

Professional Identity and Credibility

Business phone numbers such as 1300 are well-recognised and come with a sense of professionalism, reliability, and credibility. When you obtain these numbers, you can also customise them to spell out a word that suits your business. Example, 1300–FLOWER, which is actually 1300 356 937. This makes sure that your customer remembers your business phone number with ease and is a great way to improve your business identity.

A Reliable Communication Solution

To get in touch with your business, you cannot expect your customers to make expensive calls. Getting a phone number for your business is a cost-effective and reliable solution as your customers will pay a local call rate when they call from a landline or the standard call rate fixed by their network providers.

Easy to Use

Business phone numbers are extremely easier to use as there is no cost of installation involved with the equipment, hardware, or phone lines. Even if you are moving your business to a new location, there is no need for you to change your phone number. It also makes it easier for you to assess, direct, and manage your incoming calls. Since these numbers are user-friendly and only requires the cost of local calls, customers won’t hesitate to contact you.

Spice Up Your Marketing Strategy

Using a separate phone number for different platforms such as online ads, yellow pages, and newspaper ads allows you to track and record the number of phone calls generated by each medium. Moreover, it allows you to figure out the advertising platform that your potential customers are responding you, and this enables you to make more informed decision on creating a strong marketing strategy for your business.0020

Improve Customer Service

One of the biggest benefits of having a business phone number is that you can direct incoming calls to any phone number (landline, international numbers, and mobile phones). So, you can answer all incoming calls promptly, which makes your customers happy and satisfied.

Are you ready to get a separate phone number for your business? Contact a reliable service provider for a tailored plan that helps your business succeed.