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With The Flvto Conversion Of Youtube To Mp3

The November 2006 site, which was introduced by Google, ‘YouTube’ has become an integral part of every household. Be it for, relaxing your mind through some music or to overcome your boredom through movies, or to be creative, it helps us in every way. If these videos can be saved either on the smartphones or on your computer, this would be really helpful in today’s world.  If you have the videos saved, you can watch or listen to them whenever you feel like, without having the fear of a bad internet connection or having no network at all.

All these have become more useful, with flvto’s five easy steps to convert your video to mp3. Yes, there are many other downloaders available in your Google play store but, although, there are a few downloaders available, yet flvto, has been winning hearts. For it’s high speed and amazing quality.

About thr Flvto  

What makes it an exception is that, Flvto is a free video downloader that can convert videos not only to mp3 but to a wide choice of formats as well. It is much faster; sometimes it just takes only a few seconds to download your mp3 files. It takes a speed of 320kbps. There are also a free Flvto mobile app and a browser extension for downloading your videos. It is safe and secure to use.

How to Convert YouTube videos to mp3

It just takes a few seconds to convert the video into mp3. The step for doing so is very simple and easy.

  • Copy the link of the video

Copy the URL of the video to watch your favorite video whenever and wherever you want. To get the URL of the video go to your picture on top right and click on it. Then you will find an option ‘my channel’, click on it and the channel will open. Click on that video of which you want the URL. There will be a bar at the top, click on that and copy the link.

  • Paste the link into the input field in the app or website

Next, open the flvto converter application or go to the official website and paste the copied URL of the video or playlist you would like to listen or watch offline. Once you have pasted the link, half of your work is done.  You are just two steps away from your mp3 version of the video.

  • Choose the proper format

There are various audio and video formats to make conversion convenient for you! You can choose from MP3, MP4 or AVI format for converting or for downloading different clips in HD quality. Select the quality you want for the video and you are done. Now, you can watch your favorite video that too with a quality of your wish.

  • The «Convert to» button will launch the free conversion process!

In order to start, you just need to press the «convert» button and in 20 seconds your video is downloaded. It might take a few minutes if the server is not working or of bad quality. With good server, converting your videos into mp3 is just a click away. Make sure, your internet connection is good and not bad or fair, in this way; you can actually save some time, even though it’s by a few seconds and don’t have to wait long.

  • Open the converted file

Now you can open the file in the «Done» section and enjoy the downloaded file and enjoy. Carry your music and your videos with you wherever you go. So, now that you are done in just five , most easy steps. Go on and enjoy, give some rest to your mind and soul and let the video take you to your world of fantasy.

How to convert YouTube audios / music tracks into mp3

If you want to download audios it music track from YouTube into mp3, worry not, following the above mentioned steps would help you in converting them to mp3, so that you an enjoy the tracks offline as well. So, keep away all your worries aside and start using flvto.