Tips to use Instagram DM: is it helpful to your business?

Instagram DM is a great way to share pleasant messages and send everything that you like to your friends. However, you should know that the private profiles you follow will not show your friends if they do not follow them. Now that you know how Instagram DM is used to share content, messages or photos and videos. Below, we are listing the top five ways to use Instagram DMs for your company profile.

Create a bond with those who speak well of your brand

Obviously, slipping into someone’s random DMs is rude and unethical if you’re in business. Moreover, you can do it in other professional ways. To make it happen, we need to watch which Instagram users are using the perfect hash tags that symbolises your business or brand. Then, you can reward them with a personalized DM and nurture your biggest fans.

Find the best times to approach

There is a difference between sending direct messages late and late at night. Nowadays, people live in different time zones and a brand cannot be confused, and send Instagram DMs at uncomfortable times. This is why, the perfect option to operate Instagram DM advantages is when we connect with our potential audience. Via Instagram DM you reach to the audiences at the perfect time. That’s why you must find out when your followers want to engage – and send your DMs at those times.

Observe your competitors’ followers

We must admit this is a bold step for every brand. You can send messages from Direct to your competitors’ followers. To do this, you should ideally analyse your competitor’s Instagram audience and “choose” some of your best followers. After doing this, create a personalized discount message, a coupon code, something humorous and attractive for this follower.

Use some location tags

Instagram Direct now allows users to share locations. So, it is definitely better to filter the messages with a specific location. For example, if some users have been to a restaurant, the owner can give tips, directions or even share an exclusive coupon code for a discount after these users post a photo inside the restaurant.

Conclusion: Optimizing CTA profile

Instagram isn’t all about uploading images and sharing stories. It is much more than this, where you can share profiles as a message. For example, if someone trips over your Instagram page, they can click on the top right icon and send it directly to their friends as a message. But how would your page show up in a message? Preferably, put a good profile picture, a unique details (description), also a call to action (call, contact, messaging, etc.). Above all, first impression always counts.