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Deciding on a Radiation Blocking Case for One’s iPhone.

Radiation should be a worrisome concept. Most people have had x-rays at the dentist. As such they’re quite familiar with the extreme level of protection which people insist on when dealing with radiation in a professional context. 

The dentist will usually shield himself behind significant protection. The patient himself will have heavy protective gear draped all about him. It’s quite a familiar scene to most people. But one should take a moment to really reflect on just how seriously medical professionals treat radiation.

One should then consider the fact that invisible rays are constantly flying about. Worse, those rays are coming from devices which people commonly place right next to their heads. It’s hard to imagine a worse scenario for someone when dealing with such an unknown entity. The rays in question constitute a wide variety of specifications. However, the source is well known. It’s all coming from one’s smartphone with get detailed on about free cell phone no money down no credit check.

People often forget just how much of what a smartphone does involves sending out or receiving energy. And one should never forget that what phones deal with really is energy. It’s energy with encoded data. But that should give people more, rather than less concerns. It means that the energy phones deal with isn’t just something permeating one’s body and nearby environment. That energy also has things such as one’s banking information stored within it.

One should always keep in mind that studying the effects of anything on human health is a long term issue. Humans can live over one hundred years. And some environmental health conditions take decades to develop. 

This makes studying the health effects of new environmental issues quite difficult. This is especially true for studies of EMF or EMR wireless energy used by phones. However, three decades of study have been performed on them. And it’s been conclusively proven to be harmful.

So what can one do about this radiation? It’s not plausible to deck oneself out in lead dental protection. But what one can do is shield the phone which produces those waves. A radiation blocking iphone case can shield someone from the majority of harmful waves sent out by a phone. 

However, not all radiation blocking iphone case designs operate through the same principles. Some forms of shielding can actually increase one’s exposure. One of the problems is that the phone does need to be able to send and receive energy in order to function. Sometimes the shielding will essentially act as an amplifier since it’s limiting emission and reception to a single area.

Interestingly there is one absolutely proven way to decrease RF exposure. Holding a phone about 1 foot from oneself will dramatically reduce exposure. If a phone is on speaker mode then it shouldn’t cause any issues with either party hearing the conversation. 

An airtube type headset will also allow one to keep a cell phone away from his or her head. Some people also like to use wristlets which keep their phone a fair distance from their body even when carrying it.

One can also use meters which detect EMF radiation to determine what effect various strategies are having in real world situations. It’s often important to realize that one’s own situation will always have some differences to anything done in a lab. If one can collect data for himself it’ll always be more accurate.

Many experts recommend considering something called the precautionary principle. This basically means being mindful of risks held by new technologies. This basically calls for one to simply act in a respectful way toward technology. 

It’s important to be mindful of the fact that powerful technology can both solve and create problems. What case someone uses and how one goes about it are up to every person to decide for himself. But what matters the most is giving some thought to the idea.