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Is Video Production the best Way to Advertise?

While TV commercials are quickly becoming obsolete, video production for advertising is at an all-time high. Over 4.6 billion video ads are watched online every year, and with the rising popularity of platforms like YouTube and Twitch, the whole market is expected to keep growing.

There are many reasons why video production is the best advertising method. But let’s first see what video advertising means exactly before we get into its benefits.

What is Video Advertising?

In short, video advertising is just your everyday advertisement for a product or service that appears on an internet-connected device. Whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, or during your favorite mobile game, it doesn’t matter.

Video ads work to increase brand awareness, improve conversion, and optimize the lead generation strategy.

Typically, video advertisements are shorter since users prefer concise content. This is seen through the retention rates, as videos shorter than 90 seconds see the average retention rate of 59%.

Kinds of Video Advertising

Video advertising can come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular kinds include:

  • Linear video ads;
  • Non-linear video ads;
  • Companion ads.

Linear Video Ads

Linear ads are the ones most commonly seen. They’re played within the video player where the rest of the content is being viewed.

They are divided into three categories:

  • Pre-roll – played before the actual video content
  • Mid-roll – played during the video content, pausing it for their duration
  • Post-roll – played after the video content has stopped

Non-Linear Video Ads

Non-linear ads will run simultaneously with the video content being consumed. They appear in the form of a banner ad and clicking on them pauses the content, while the ad itself opens in a full-screen player.

Companion Ads

Companion ads are the least intrusive since they aren’t played within the main video player, but are instead located around it, appearing as banner ads. Anything from texts, to static images and rich media, can be included in them.

Why Video Production is the Best Method of Advertising

Online marketing is one of the more affordable types of marketing that attracts wider audiences and can reach more consumers. It’s the best of both worlds.

There are countless reasons why video production for advertising is the best method, the top one being that it sells, plain and simple.

Social Media as an Integral Component of Video Advertising

There are almost 3 billion social media users worldwide. Those users consume content through dozens of different platforms, allowing marketers to reach their audiences wherever they are.

It isn’t all about the paid advertising space, however. Video ads can easily be shared across your company’s social media platforms, reaching your followers, and broader audiences through them.

You can gather data about your target audience, outsource data entry, analyze the information, and find out which platforms the audience is using. This helps you develop better marketing strategies for your video ad campaigns.

Video Advertising Reach

Data entry services will not only allow you to find out which platforms your target audience is using, but you can also collect information about their hobbies and interests, pages they’ve liked, and content they’ve shared.

With this information in hand, you can create compelling and engaging video ads that encourage consumers to communicate with you, interact in the comment sections, and share your videos, promoting your brand to wider audiences.

Mobile Video Ad Spending Increases

Mobile video advertising is set to account for over 45.6% of the total digital video ad spend. That’s billions of dollars of marketing efforts focused solely on mobile advertising.

The reasoning behind this is quite simple. Mobile video advertising is available in most consumer markets. A growing number of internet users prefers to consume content through their smartphones, so it’s more likely that they’ll notice the relevant ads that offer an immersive mobile experience.

Higher Google Ranking Through Video

In short, the higher you rank in the search results, the more people will notice your brand, and the more your consumer base will grow.

Video ads offer considerable advantages over written content. Just like with the written content, your data entry company can ensure all the relevant keywords are included in the video.

However, if videos generate better user engagement. They also get more mentions, have more social shares, and greater user interaction through comments. All of these are factors that can affect your ranking.

Consumers Are Receptive to Video Advertising

When your videos are in tune with the consumers’ interests, they’ll be much more receptive to your advertising.

If you outsource data entry and gain insight into consumer preferences, you’ll be able to create personalized content that satisfies your customer’s curiosity and encourages them to share their information.

Marketers today must overcome the problem of consumers’ ad blindness, and video advertisements are the best way to do that. They offer visual and audio content that’s hard to ignore.

Video Is More Appealing to the User Than TV and Print

TV and print are becoming obsolete because they are aimed at the masses. Users today prefer personalized content that’s directly related to their wants and needs.

With countless platforms on which you can advertise, you can create multiple versions of your video ads at a lower cost and with a higher reach.

When you outsource data entry services, you can create any video format that’ll be suitable for a variety of platforms and reach a wider audience.

Video Is Directly Related to Purchase Decisions

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. This is because users have more trust in companies that produce video content.

In a shorter amount of time, they can learn more about the brand, its products or services, and so they make their purchasing decisions more quickly.

Video Advertising – A Lot to Offer

It’s obvious that video advertising has a lot to offer. You can hire a professional video editing company like Video Caddy (VCD) to ensure that all your ads are of the highest quality and that they are more appealing to your audience.