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How You Can Schedule the Posts in Instagram Now

The first step, after accessing the “Schedule Publication” tab, is to upload the image or video you want to publish. The second is to insert the caption and hashtags of your post. The third and last step is to choose the date and time when your post should go on air.

Ready, then just click on “Schedule” and the content will be automatically published on your Instagram profile. This Software functionality was launched as something complementary to its strategic function and is still in a trial version. Soon, more features will be included such as:

  • Add location.
  • First comment.
  • Schedule posts together with Facebook.
  • Among others.

We don’t know if you already know, but well before developing the function of scheduling posts on Instagram, Software already offered several other resources to improve your profile and help you pump on Instagram. Its differential, for example, is in the management of the Instagram profile. All through the definition of reference profiles, hashtags, and location. Its structure also allows the sending of automatic messages, growth reports and much more. With the instagram scheduler you can find the best choice now.

How to check the schedule?

Do you want to check if your schedules are ready to be published? It’s simple! On your panel, go to “Schedule publication” You will see a list of scheduled posts, with the image, date and times scheduled for the publication to go on air.

Did you quit posting or want to make any changes? It is also easy. Click on “Details” and modify your caption as you wish. If you want to delete the schedule, click on “Unsubscribe”.

How to optimize posts on Instagram?

After talking a little more about Software, let’s now go on to some strategic tips on how you can enhance the scheduling of posts on Instagram and have better results in terms of engagement and reach of your publications. Are they:

  • Diversify your content, avoiding repetition.
  • Create informative posts that are relevant to the lives of your followers and don’t just disclose commercial information.
  • Post on commemorative dates related to your business and on those that are important in the national calendar.

What are the best times to post on Instagram?

Choosing the best time to schedule an Instagram post may seem difficult, but it is not. One thing is for sure, there are not the best set times, but there are simple ways to choose strategic days and times for your publications. They will always vary from profile to profile, as it is necessary to understand the behavior of your fan base on the social network.