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Avoid Common Pitfalls of Web Design & Development

Ask any web designer or developer out there about what could go wrong when designing a website, and they would tell you everything. Certainly, since web development is both a science and an art, many factors could go wrong. Be it a stray line of code or ill-conceived design, your website development cycle does seem full of potential pitfalls.

While mistakes may certainly be made, knowing the most common ones will allow you to avoid them and enjoy a relatively smooth design process.

Using Too Many Typefaces

There is no one size fits all approach when selecting the fonts for your website. Depending on your business, website theme and usage, different combinations of fonts would work. However, you should consistently be wary of overdoing things and incorporating too many fonts on your website.

Having too many fonts makes it difficult to establish font hierarchy, thus confusing website visitors. Additionally, it may be irritating for readers to look at. Given the risk, we recommend that you use as few fonts as possible.

As a rule of thumb, many designers recommend having not more than 3 fonts on your website. This essentially works out to 1 font for headers, 1 for sub-headings, and another for plain text.

Having Content that Overextends Beyond the Page Width

Have you ever come across a website that required to scroll horizontally at certain sections of the page? If so you would probably be familiar with the frustration of the event especially if you were using a mobile device to view the website.

To avoid this, responsive web design has to be implemented. Your website should be programmed to automatically shift excess content down depending on the width of the device used to access it. Doing so allows your website to work on any device regardless of the width of the screen.

Having Complicated Call-To-Actions

A Call-To-Action refers to any request or suggestion on your website to get your visitor to take a desired action. For example, on your home page, you may call out to users to check out a new service that you are offering. From there, your service’s page might try to entice them to complete a purchase or sign up for a newsletter.

Regardless of your goals, it is important to make sure that the call-to-action and the funnel path is as uncomplicated as possible. Generally, the message should not be difficult to interpret, nor should the action require much effort. A rule of thumb to follow is to have the funnel 3 clicks or shorter. This allows the user to reach your end desired goal without fatigue.

Why Engage A Web Design Agency

A professional web design Singapore agency would help you to avoid these pitfalls and more. With their expertise, you would overcome the numerous programming and design challenges that all website development processes contain.