How flowers can help to increase productivity in your business

As an owner of a business or manager, it is your job to be able to improve upon your productivity which will lead to happier customers and higher profits. It can be pretty difficult coming up with ways to motivate your staff so that they want to work harder within any working day and generally staff wants to be paid more in order to work harder. You really do have to start thinking outside the box to come up with ways to increase productivity without having to spend a great deal of money and one way to do that, is to start putting more plants and flowers around your office space. The thing that people don’t understand is that placing flowers around any business helps everyone to feel better about themselves and when they are happier, they are more productive.

If you were to visit the flower shop in AE and order a large array of different kinds of flowers to be placed in your workplace then you would notice a great deal of calm and peace around the office once they are put there. This is something about flowers that help to calm us and to relax us and this creates a workplace where productivity is seen to go up every single time. If this notion feels a little bit out there and you would like some further convincing then the following are some of the ways that plants and flowers can increase productivity in your workplace.

    1. They clean the air – It is well known that flowers and plants use photosynthesis and so this same procedure helps to reduce pollution levels in any office space. There have been many studies that show that poor indoor air quality leads to poor health outcomes and thus less performance from employees. By placing flowers and plants around the office it helps to increase the oxygen and the area and it also has positive effects on your employee’s mental state.
    2. They create a positive mood – The first thing that we all do when you are feeling a little bit down is to get into the car and head for the countryside. The reason why we do this is because we want to be around nature and we want to be around flowers and plants. By bringing flowers into the workplace, it can help to put a smile on everyone’s face and this in turn leads to higher productivity.
    3. It helps boost creativity & innovation – When we look at nature, our brain starts to work differently and we begin to feel a great sense of relaxation and we are much better able to concentrate. Better concentration in the workplace will lead to more creativity, more innovation and more inclusivity and this is something that every manager or business owner wants.

Some flowers that help to make the workplace a better place to be in are peace lilies, tulips and any other colourful flower. If you want an excellent return on your investment then buying flowers and placing them throughout the workplace is one sure fire way to increase productivity in the workplace.