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Various Types of Home Lighting

Of course, every home needs lighting, yet there are many different forms and designs of light fittings, which can seem confusing. The good thing about having so many styles is you have choice as to how you illuminate your property.

Here are some of the most popular types of light fittings you will find with the online lighting supplier.

  • Ceiling lights – They typically sit in the centre and provide good general lighting; check out these stunning flush mount ceiling lights from a leading NZ supplier. It is trendy to have flush ceiling lights and with dimmer switches, you can control the level of light.
  • Wall lights – A firm favourite all over the world, stylish wall lights provide a pleasant low light and with the right shades, you can create a soothing ambience. Antique wall lights are perfect with a modern décor, as mixing old and new is a thing.
  • Chandeliers – A gorgeous chandelier makes for the perfect statement feature and as you would expect, chandeliers are costly and can come in large sizes. They need a lot of TLC and you are advised to call in a specialist when the unit needs cleaning. Here is a review of the top vacuum machines available today.
  • Track lighting – Ideal for the futuristic home, spotlights run short aluminium tracks and can be moved to any position, giving you instant task lighting. Search online for a leading NZ lighting supplier and choose the perfect tracking set and spots for your new office.
  • Pendant lighting – Stylish and elegant, the pendant light can be raised and lowered and sits above the dining table. For a great selection, the online light fitting supplier has you covered and free delivery is the norm.
  • Floor lighting – These are all the rage today and with LED floor lighting you don’t need other light sources.
  • Table lamp – Many homes have a small table lamp by the phone, plus they are practical by the bedside.  They come in all shapes and sizes and LED fittings are the most popular, as they come in a range of colours.
  • LED strip lighting – You can buy LED strips by the roll; double sided tape enables you to stick the strip under a window frame or even hang from a tree, while they also look great around mirrors. Some people wrap them around their cars, which is probably against the law.
  • Fluorescent tube lighting – This is not so common in homes, but they are used in shops, workshops, factories and warehouses. Each unit needs a starter, a small plastic component that slides into a slot on the frame.
  • LED stick light – These handy devices emit soft, white light and it has a rechargeable battery and can be stuck to a pane of glass.

Whatever your style, the best place to buy home lighting is the online supplier, as they don’t have the huge overheads of a bricks-and-mortar store. The next time you plan a home improvement project, choose suitable lighting from the online store.