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AMP Energy India: Leaders of Change

The world is shifting towards renewable energies with their implementation in different sectors of society for a safer future. AMP Energy India is one of the pioneering IPPs contributing to the growth of the renewable energy sector and is spread across 15 states in India. AMP Energy India is the Indian arm of the AMP Energy Group headquartered in Toronto, Canada. AMP Energy India is relentlessly nurturing relations with customers across the country and acts as a one-stop shop for renewable energy solutions. It provides 100% renewable energy solutions and technologies like solar, wind, and hybrids across different geographical locations. 

AMP Energy India is proficient in deep debt and equity financing. It adheres to high ESG and corporate governance standards in adherence with IFC standards as it is backed by leading global institutions such as LGT Light rock, CIP, SMBC, and CIIF/Kotak. Climate change is potentially impacting the development of renewable energies in various sectors. AMP Energy India is continuously providing efficient renewable energy solutions to diversified zones like Automobiles, Heavy Engineering, Cement & Steel, Pharma & Healthcare, Data Centers, and Government institutions. The technologies like solar, wind, and wind-solar hybrid systems are mushrooming across the country as corporate and industrial customers are switching to renewable energies exponentially. The wave of renewable power is favorable for companies as it fulfills their eco-friendly agenda and adds points to their green portfolio. 

AMP Energy India is creating an impact in the manufacturing and supply of renewable energy solutions because they offer complete end-to-end renewable energy solutions to cater to the short-term as well as long-term energy needs of their customers. The solutions provided by AMP Energy India are sustainable and help giants, as well as budding corporations in India, acquire green energy swiftly. Solar and wind are some highly utilized renewable energy technologies across India due to favorable geographical conditions and cost efficiency. The solar projects by AMP Energy India are highly reliable as they’re helping numerous communities and corporations save in electricity costs, mitigate their carbon footprints and generate CO2- free electricity. 

Apart from reducing the dependency on fossil fuels through reliable wind and solar systems, AMP Energy India is also revolutionizing the renewable energy scene by providing cutting edge technologies and solutions. AI-driven virtual power plants are also being developed to tackle climate change and create a zero-carbon grid technology. The impact of projects carried out by AMP Energy India can be seen in the growth of their C&I as well as utility customers’ green portfolios. The mainstream large-scale and the rest of the significant projects of AMP Energy India are under execution, but the group is led by experienced management. 

AMP Energy India, an independent power producer (IPP), can significantly contribute towards the net-zero carbon goal of India by 2070 with its sustainable energy and storage solutions. Coal and other conventional fuels will be soon wiped out across all geographies and renewable energies are poised to grow in the upcoming days, with leading energy providers like AMP Energy India leading the charge in rethinking the future of energy.