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3 Main Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile Marketing

Especially in the latest years, mobile usage has witnessed a huge increase. The use of smartphones and tablets has erupted, and extensive mobile device proliferation is altering the way consumers access media and internet data.

It’s certainly going to rock the world to have an incredible app. But if you have an app, how are you going to make it stand out among the other billions of applications? How are people going to discover it? This is where mobile marketing comes in. So what is mobile marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy aimed at achieving target audiences on their mobile devices through different channels. In our day of technology, mobile marketing became a must. But, why?

Increasing Statistics of Mobile Users

According to Statista’s forecast, an online statistics platform, there are currently 6.8 billion mobile users worldwide. This number is estimated to reach 7.33 billion by 2023.


So, if you want people to hear about and use your app, you need to do mobile marketing.

Building Bridges With Customers

By its nature, mobile world lets you to build a long-term connection between you and your users. You choose the best strategy, you decide which method works best for the category of your app and how you will approach your customers. It’s a precious way to communicate with your customers in a way that has never been seen before.

You’re Not The Only App Owner in The Planet

Here’s an another statistics which show us the numbesr of apps available in leading app stores, in the first quarter of 2019 .


Huge numbers, right? Right. Millions of other app owners are investing in mobile marketing to stand out and get their apps more catchy. So if you don’t, it will be a huge loss for you and your app.

To sum up; no matter how good it is, every item requires some help to get in front of its customers. Mobile marketing is a very powerful and easy way to boost your app. So, no more waiting. You can get help from mobile marketing companies such as App Samurai. Here is a case study of their proven strategy to increase app store rankings.