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How to Prevent Your Gaming Headset From Affecting Your Hearing

We almost can’t live without a pair of headphones or earphones nowadays. The use of formats such as MP3 and AAC as well as applications like Spotify and Deezer have made it even easier for us to listen to music everywhere we are.

However, we might need to pay this comfort with our health if we don’t keep the right habits. A study conducted by the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom proved that a high music volume in headphones can damage the lining of your nerve cells, especially myelin. This can lead to temporary deafness or, in the worst cases, to a permanent hearing loss. It was further specified that 4 out of 5 cases of deafness and hearing loss are caused by damages to the inner ear cells. This is mostly due to an excessive noise exposure.

Let’s see what you can do to enjoy the music you love while not affecting your health.

Safety tips for using headphones

It is very important, therefore, to take the necessary measures for avoiding irreversible damages to our ears. Here are some recommendations for enjoying the pleasure of wearing a nice pair of headphones without damaging your hearing:

  • Use a moderate volume. The aforementioned study came to the conclusion that these problems increased after 110 decibels of intensity, where the earphone itself begins to distort the audio.
  • Use headphones with care. Pay attention to when you put them on and when you take them off. We also recommend you clean them once in a while with a soft cloth, warm water and eventually a little soap.
  • Do not spend long periods wearing them. They can cause hearing loss, painful irritations, even inflammations such as otitis. It is not recommended to spend more than two hours in a row with any type of headset.
  • Quality has a price. You usually can’t expect extremely cheap headphones to be made with decent materials. In particular, those with foam coating and the cheapest ones can be a great source of infections. A good quality pair of headphones can save us a lot of troubles, especially if they come equipped with a noise-cancellation technology and an intelligent volume limiter.

Factors to consider for picking the best headphones

Based on these tips we can guess what a headset needs to have to be considered a perfect one. Let’s discover together some factors to take into account when looking for the ideal model.

  • As we said, good materials are the key. There are four types of headset: circumaural, supra-aural, intra-aural, and button-type. The ideal ones are the circumaural ones, for the comfort and safety they offer. In particular, they can comfortably cover your entire ear. On the other hand, if we want good headphones for gaming, we must choose a completely closed modelto hear the noise of the battle with all its intensity without disturbing anyone or distracting us.
  • You should pay attention to the headband bridge to be padded so to avoid feeling uncomfortable when wearing your headsets. You can also check if the earmuffs are sufficiently protected, so it’s also easier for you to clean them.
  • The size of the headphones is one element that can determine their quality. The larger they are, the better the sound they can emit. Bigger headphones usually have a bigger body and that is why they are often the most comfortable ones.
  • A Dolby technology offers a 7.1 digitally emulated surround sound, included in some of the best models of headphones. Most current video games include this configuration, ideal to listen to every nuances of the voices, weapons, or the environment of each scenario.

Finally, other determining factors are mobility and modulability. Nowadays we can rely on wireless headphones to listen to our favorite tunes without being bored by any cables. They are much more comfortable and convenient to use than most other types of headphones. Better if they have a microphone, so that you can communicate with your teammates or have video chats with friends.

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