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Why good web design is important for SEO

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More and more people are realizing the importance of good web design when it comes to running a website. Long gone are the days when you could simply put up a makeshift website so that people would have something to look at. Today, if you want to have any noticeable online traffic, you need to approach your web design and your SEO quite seriously. But, is web design is important for SEO? And, if it is, how does one tackle it? Well, let’s take a closer look at the connection between web design and SEO.

Reasons why web design is important for SEO

An inexperienced person might say that there is no connection between web design and SEO. After all, web design is how your website looks and operates, while SEO is related to how often your website pops up in search engines like Google. So, why should those two be connected? Well, as it turns out, it’s not only that web design is important for SEO, but it is a vital part of it. So much so that, without minding your web design you will have a very hard time managing your SEO properly. To better understand this, we are going to go over certain instances where SEO and web design are closely connected.

Better search results

The whole point of having an SEO is to have better search results. If you manage your SEO properly your website should pop up on Google’s first page when a person looks for something related to it. But, in order for Google to prioritize your website, you need to deal with more than simply picking the right keywords. One of the more important factors for Google is how long people stay on your website. The more time people spend on your page, the more useful and trustworthy it is. Google keeps track of this and always tries to promote pages that have the most visitors and the highest average time spent on them. So, how do you increase this time? Well, with web design, of course.

A single look at Google Analytics should give you an idea of why web design is important for SEO.

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By properly designing your landing page you will ensure that people spend more time on it. Studies have shown that there is a higher correlation between the quality of web design and time spent on the website that there is between time and content. So, while having good content is necessary, don’t neglect to design it properly. A good website promotes content in an intuitive, engaging way. The more pleasant it is to surf your website, the more time people will spend doing so.

Easier SEO optimization

One of the things that every experienced web manager is going to tell you is that SEO optimization is a continual process. It is not something that you will do once and be done with it. In order to manage it properly, you need to spend time monitoring trends and figuring out how to better engage your customers. This may require substantial changes, especially if you don’t have much experience in the line of work you are promoting. And, if this happens, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by having a properly designed website. Good web design includes the possibility of change. Every experienced web designer knows that websites go through changes, which is why they will make their design easy to alter. Therefore, if you want to have the necessary freedom to optimize your SEO, design your website properly.

SEO optimization could require some substantial changes to your website.

Alt: An illustration of a person working on SEO optimization, showing why web design is important for SEO.

Clearer marketing strategy

Trying to manage an SEO without having a long term strategy is a fool’s errand. Whatever business you are running, you need to have a clear and comprehensive idea behind it. This idea will be the cornerstone of your branding, marketing, and SEO. Furthermore, this idea needs to engraved in every part of your website’s design. Only by having a proper website to promote can you engage online marketing properly and use it to better your SEO results. So, if you are wondering whether web design is important for SEO, don’t. Trust us when we tell you that without it there is little chance that your SEO management will be fruitful.

How to deal with web design

Now that we know why web design is important for SEO, we should look into how to deal with it properly. Now, responsive web design is a large subject, and we would need a whole article to tackle it properly. Therefore, for now, we won’t go into much detail. Instead, we will go over some important tips that you should keep in mind. With any luck, these tips should make tackling web design easy.

Hire a professional

There are many websites online that offer you templates for websites. And, while these templates can be quite nice, know that there is no substitute for hiring a professional web designer. In order to have a properly designed website you simply must have a professional go over it. A professional will know how to incorporate your brand into your website. And, they will know how to make your website easy to manage and alter. Both of which, as we mentioned, is quite important for SEO management. Later on, you can even hire companies like Movers Development to help manage your SEO and marketing. So, no matter what some websites may promise you, do yourself a favor a hire a professional to help you out.

Always try to find a reliable professional to help you out.

Alt: A professional web designer working on a laptop.

Know your customers

Another important tip that you should keep in mind is that you need to know your customers. There is no company in the world whose target customer group is everyone. Each company has to figure out who they are trying to reach and organize their marketing accordingly. So, before branding, before designing your website and before SEO, try to figure out who your customers will be. In time you will find ways to communicate with them and orient yourself accordingly. But, remember to never lose track of them as they should be considered a part of your company.