Does Web Design Affect SEO?

Yes! Your website design can affect SEO in different ways. In fact, implementing web design in your digital marketing Erie pa campaign is crucial as it has a huge impact on your web pages. Web design is the foundation of your online business. Search engines like Bing, Google, etc. prefer user-friendly websites. Moreover, a good website design enhances the user experience.

SEO Erie pa is the process of enhancing the website to rank highly in search engines. But, many people fail to understand that the goal of SEO services Erie pa is not just to create a perfect site but to create a webpage that can stand out from the crowd. It is not necessarily that the optimized website site is of higher aesthetic design and functional than other sites. It should highlight the positives and eliminates negatives. Although there are many options to build a website, a well designed and well marketed website can help to achieve the desired results.

Combining SEO and Web Design is challenging as there are several factors involved, which is why you need to hire SEO services Erie pa.

Here are the major factors you need to consider when designing a website for SEO:-


This is one of the significant aspects of web design. You need to make the website usable for the average user. Most of the users who visit your website may not be coders and well versed in browsing the website. So, your website must be simple, and users should be able to navigate easily.


It is no wonder content is the king. Even if your website is accessible, function well, loads quickly, works correctly, and looks great; they won’t rank higher unless you have compelling and engaging content on your site. So, ensure your website has good content that are relevant to your service or product.


Speed is an essential factor in SEO. Undoubtedly, a quick, nimble website trumps a slow site. Numerous studies clearly show that, the average page load time should not be more than 3 seconds. If the webpage takes more than 3 seconds leads to a high bounce rate, which indicates search engines that visitors don’t find the webpage useful that affects the ranking directly. So, ensure your webpage loads as quickly as possible.


The webpage should be not only user-friendly but also mobile-friendly. About 48% of users admit that if they visit a webpage that doesn’t work on their mobile, they abandon the site and assume that the business doesn’t care. Ensure your webpage is on function on mobile devices as well.

SEO and website design Erie pa goes hand in hand. Many businesses are choosing to integrate SEO when designing websites. A website that is compatible with SEO is likely to draw more traffic and rank higher position in search engines.