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Comparium App: Web Testing made Easy


The availability of a good web testing tool has always been the desire of every webmaster, though there are too many web testing tools out there that differentiates the good from the best is uniqueness – the ability to have more than the usual. And with that, we introduce to you the Comparium App, an app designed to test every section of your website using its unique features before it goes online. The summary of the features included in the Comparium can be described as simply convenience. With this tool in sight, webmasters can virtually run a test of their website using any operating system of their choice. This is actually a tidbit of what Comparium App can do.

Very Compatible: Can Work on Any Browser

Comparium App is very compactable, in as much as it can function well using any type of operation system, it is also designed to work perfectly with any browser. It is very much compactable with browser versions like Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 74.0, 73.0, Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, and Safari 11.0. This is not all; Comparium App can also work in most of the unpopular browsers as well thereby making it a tool for every everybody and every platform including Explorer for Mac and Internet Explorer for Mac.

Speedy Feedbacks

The performance of any web tool has a lot to do with its human-machine interaction, and Comparium App was designed with such characteristics in mind. This tool takes record of each action taken, gets a screenshot of it and then sends it to the email the user most have entered in the app during the initial registration process. That way, the webmaster can actually access the process of the process using a visual report thus, the screenshots. Not just that, the Comparium App gives users the opportunity to also check the compatibility of their web browser in a space of seconds without much complexity.

Supports Different Operating Systems

As Comparium App supports various browsers so does it also support many Operating Systems. Due to the compatibility of this tool, it is meant to function effectively on many apps e.g. Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux and many more. This characteristic is what makes it a household name in the committee of Web Designers.

Ability to send Reports While Offline

Now, this is another unique part of this tool, though it can do more while online there is still much more it can offer when it goes offline. The only action users need to perform is just to leave their emails and URL of the website they want to test and the app takes it up from there. With this, you won’t have to sit in front of your system anymore waiting for the whole process to get done; it sends a pictorial comprehensive report of its activities and sends it straight to your email.

Comparium App is Prospective

The tool is considered a revolutionary tool, once awhile the company comes out with a newer version of the App, as the newer versions are released so is their function; it is embedded with newer features thereby making it more advanced as it is released. The Comparium  App currently has three versions: version 2, version 2.5, and version 3 and each version has its own uniqueness. The version 2.5 for example, can run a test on an actual mobile device, share screenshots on various platforms, run tests on multiple URLs, do the scheduling using email reports coupled with other interesting features that come with it. Other features you can find in other versions include:

Version 3

  • Has the ability to test and auto dictate the localized versions of the web site you are working on.
  • Has the ability to imitate low-speed connections.
  • It can download every test result.
  • It can display the previous history of different screenshot versions including URL sessions.
  • It supports custom Selenium scripts.
  • It has the capacity to issue a real-time web testing activity on any desktop.

It will only be fair if we repeat that the Comparium App can perform on a cross-browser web platform with ease which makes the App the best companion for any good web designer.