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Which Android OS should you buy for your PC – Bliss Android OS or Remix Android OS or Prime OS?

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, especially for mobile. However, you can also use this operating system on your desktop as well. But the Android OS on PC cannot give you exact experience what you get in the original desktop. If you want to get the exact experience then you have to run a virtual device emulator along with Android OS on your PC. 

In the market, you will get several Android operating systems that can be used on your PC such as Bliss OS for Android, Remix Android OS, Prime OS, etc. Let’s compare these operating systems so that you can choose the one which suits you the best.  

Bliss OS for Android is one of the most popular OS and since the day it was launched there has been no complaint against it. You can install this OS with two processes and if you follow any one of the two processes then you will not find any issue. These two processes are – dual boot installation with UEFI support and installation with the complete hard drive.

Remix Android OS is also another best Android OS for PC and it was developed by JIDE in the year 2016. When compared to Bliss OS it is found that most people like Remix Android OS since it is compatible with the Intel-based processor, as well as its installation process is quite easy.

Prime OS is another fantastic OS for your laptop as well as a PC. This OS comes up with an incredible look and is sleek and stylish. It brings extraordinary experience and has features like the taskbar, starts menu, multi-window support, options to resize, close, minimize as well as maximize.  Visit Technical Explore to know more about Android OS.