What is the psychology of colors used in web designing?

You all will admit that colors play an influential role in our life as they influence how we feel and what we do. Now coming to your business, colors are essential for strengthening up the brand, enhance the sales, and also used for guiding the people toward a particular page. According to some studies, the decision of customers is solely based on color.

Enlightening about color psychology

Color psychology is an art of using color effects and sees how it affects human behavior. In other words, it belongs to a broader field of behavioral psychology. Once the users understand their impact on people, it will be easy to use these colors on website design. Here, we are discussing some fantastic color basics.

  • Red

The color red shows a sense of urgency. Basically, you can say that it is an excellent color for drawing someone’s attention. In case your objective is to promote clearance sale, no color is better than red in graphics or ads. This color surely makes the viewer get eager to know about your products and services. That’s why; it has become highly popular among the sales department.

  • Yellow

Many people have yellow as their favorite color because it is brightest among others. This beautiful color is linked with happiness, cheer, competence, youth, and optimism. Believe it; yellow is an excellent color for cheering up the readers and make them feel optimistic. The websites associated with traveling, wellness, and parenting usually use yellow color.

  • Orange

You must have noticed some websites using orange for their CTAs. Orange is known as the secondary color that is formed by the combination of red and yellow. Website developers use orange as it gives warmth and welcoming sense to the visitors.

  • Green

Green is an all-time favorite color of developers because it signifies out beautiful environment. Those websites that are linked with environmental causes or involve in selling outdoor products usually use green as their theme. Indeed, the green color gives the readers a sense of being healthy and lively.

The color psychology web design is an innovative method to attract customers. Therefore, it has become a prime field to understand. Though color is known to be a tricky thing, so it is essential to use it the right way and at the right time.