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WarSindia: First Blockchain RTS RPG game with NFTs!

Welcome to WarSindia! WarSindia is the first blockchain-powered rts game where players can fight in real time over a blockchain-based game world. It’s the first time an rts game with blockchain-based items and features is built. That’s why it’s called WarSindia.

It is a game where the players can fight over a blockchain-based game world. The blockchain is used for player identification, player’s items, and for the items used in the game. The items will be traded with other players and on the blockchain. In the game, players can build their own world with their own characters, which will be stored on the blockchain. All the characters will be unique and have their own history, and they will be able to fight with each other.

The game world is divided into areas and countries. Players can choose to play in one area or country and fight with the players in that area or country. It is also a blockchain-based game where players can use their own crystals. The crystals are used in the game, for the items, and to trade with other players. Players can use it to get different items.

The warsindia as said initially is a blockchain-based RTS game that allows players to collect, trade, and battle with digital creatures called “Sindias.” In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get started

The game offers a unique and engaging experience for players of all ages and gaming backgrounds. The tutorial below will guide you through the basics of playing the game.

Getting Started

The first step is to create an account and log in. You can do this by visiting the game website and clicking the “Sign Up” button.

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the main game screen. Here you will see your hero’s profile in the top left corner, a list of available quests in the middle, and your hero’s inventory in the bottom left corner.

To begin playing, simply select a quest from the list and click the “Play” button. This will take you to the quest screen where you will be able to see more information about the quest and prepare for battle.


Battling in the game is a turn-based affair. Each turn, you will be able to select one of your hero’s crystals to use in battle. Each crystal has a unique ability that can be used to attack, defend, or buff your hero.

To select a crystal, simply click on it. Once you have selected a crystal, you will need to choose an enemy to target. You can do this by clicking on the enemy’s portrait.

Once you have selected an enemy, your hero will automatically attack. Depending on the crystal you used, the enemy may be damaged, debuffed, or even killed.

After your hero has attacked, the enemy will take their turn. They may attack you, buff themselves, or use a special ability. Once the enemy has finished their turn, it will be your turn again.

This process will continue until either you or the enemy is defeated. If you are defeated, you will lose some of your hero’s crystals. However, if you are victorious, you will earn rewards of such as experience points, new crystals, and more. You can further play to earn warsindia

Congratulations! You have now completed the basics of WarSindia. Be sure to check back for more tutorials and tips on how to become the ultimate hero!”