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The Strange Relation between Chinese Water Torture and Digital Marketing

Today, the mobile is in every pocket. Many users use their latest smartphones to do their shopping, buy train tickets or chat on social networks. “It is therefore essential for a brand to be present on the mobile. Many solutions exist such as targeting. 

The idea?

Depending on the behavior of an individual you send him an advertisement related to this same behavior when he goes on the Internet. Clearly, a person who goes to see a football match at an instant T will have provided this information anonymously via their mobile. Once connected to the Internet, it will receive from an X brand an advertisement in correlation with this event. It is almost like the age old Chinese Water Torture, where the prisoners was tortured to the water drips on their forehead unless they succumbed to the demands of the captors.

Being present on social networks

To be present yes, but to be good. Many brands do not know how to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media in a relevant way. For some brands, the problem is not that they are not present on all of these social networks. Generally, they fail to stand out from the competition and therefore generate the interest of their consumers. This was the case for Planet Sushi which did not know how to exploit its presence on Facebook. “We therefore had to be creative in the messages that the brand wanted to convey and bounce back on topical themes, by putting the brand’s products in the spotlight,” explains the managing director. And a priori, it works rather well for the specialist in raw fish: more than 20,000 fans recruited on social networks in less than 5 months thanks to a clear increase in interaction with its consumers.

Don’t neglect email marketing

There are different ways to use email in a marketing strategy. But above all, the brand must be able to profit from it. “For example, we have implemented a technology that allows a brand to know when a customer consults his mailbox,” explains the expert. The idea is simple: take advantage of the consumer’s activity when he is in his mailbox to send him a new message (promotions, upcoming announcements, etc.). One way to reactivate his interest immediately. Another solution is responsive email, which he has notably deployed within the Accor group (14 brands in 92 countries). “An effective way to build customer loyalty as soon as they arrive with a welcome message but also after their visit with a satisfaction email,” says the expert. At Accor, the strategy seems to be bearing fruit since the group has noted a three-digit increase in turnover thanks in part to the application of this strategy.

Digital as customer relationship management

Digital also makes it possible to better manage its relationship with its customers. Many brands use Twitter to interact with their consumers and solve potential problems. We can especially think of mobile operators, who are very fond of this type of digital strategy. But for the experts, brands can think of this customer relationship differently by “developing a mobile application allowing users to report the problem immediately, wherever it is (shops, stations, etc.),” he explains before concluding: One way to solve the problem internally with the user”. However, such a strategy implies a certain amount of reactivity on the part of brands.