Omniglot DeepL WordPress Plugin: full review of the best translation plugin in 2020

Whether you are a blog owner, you have your own e-commerce or you what to showcase your company services, having an online global presence is nowadays super important.  

However, having a multilingual website on WordPress translated into one or more languages might be challenging if you don’t have both the technical and language skills to have it done. 

Indeed, having good quality translations not only can take a lot of time but can be very expensive.

Luckily, we have recently discovered a brand-new WordPress plugin that can make the job done for you quickly and easily. We are talking about the Omniglot DeepL WordPress Plugin

In this article, we decided to provide you a quick but effective review of this amazing plugin that can make your life much easier when it comes to multilingual websites. 

The Omniglot plugin is based on an integration with the DeepL API, a famous online translator that provides high-quality translations way much better than Google Translate.
For this reason we consider it one of the best WordPress translation plugins currently on the market. 

DeepL supports at the moment only 9 languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian and Polish.

To have the Omniglot plugin working at its best you need hence a developer subscription to the DeepL services that cost just a few dollars per month. In any case, you can use the Omniglot plugin also without DeepL in case you want to add the translations manually. 

In any case, we suggest you proceed with the integration because this will literally allow you to have your website translated in basically 9 languages just in a few clicks!

Secondly, Omniglot comes in two versions: the basic one and the pro one.

We suggest you go for the basic one only if you want a quick way to have your blog articles translated in more languages.
Instead, if you want something totally professional you should go for the Omniglot Pro.

The Omniglot Pro comes with some very interesting features such as the possibility to translate your content in more than one language at same time, to translate SEO meta tags if you use the Yoast plugin, to save as a draft your translations in case you want to double-check them and it works perfectly also with the Gutenberg editor and with WooCommerce to translate also your products.

From a technical point of view, the pro version has also a language switcher, the URL language prefix, the blog listing override. So is also perfect for SEO event if you don’t have the technical knowledge

If you would like to give it a try you can use this discount code that gives 20% off: TRYOMNIGLOT

In case you know this plugin or you have tried it please let us know in the comments below, we would love to know your opinion!


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