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The Importance of Site Load Speed to Your Business 

The internet is revolutionizing the business market. Over 90 percent of all the buyers check a product online before deciding to buy. 

However, getting online isn’t easy. There are several considerations to make before your site gets online. For instance, how will you protect customer’s data from hacking? Is the website loading speed fast enough to support your business? 

Well, incorporate these things into your website design Malaysia. Here are the primary reasons for investing in a faster loading website.


  • Website Speed is your First Impression 


First impressions play an essential role in your business. 

Your readers, customers and site visitors use it to make an instant judgment about your company. If your site loads fast, congrats, you’ve got a strong first impression. The new and existing customers will be happy, leading to return businesses. You can use css minifier online if your site load slow.

It’s pure psychology. Incorporating speed in your web design kl process results in trust, efficiency, and confidence.

For a slower website, the visitors will think it’s insecure, unsafe, and untrustworthy. Turning around this negative to positive impression is an uphill task. 


  • Buyers are Impatient 


You’ve probably searched something on the search engines. What do you feel if a website takes ages to load? Anger? Frustration? 

What do you do if the website is making you angry or frustrated? Well, you’ll leave for a different site.

Your online customers are no different. They expect nothing short of faster loading speed.

Statistics show that 47% of site visitors expect your website to load in two seconds. Over 40% will abandon the search entirely if it exceeds three seconds. Plus, 85% of internet users expect a site that loads faster on mobile phones than on their desktop. 

Online visitors and buyers are fewer patients. Investing in a faster website is the only way to boost your traffic and conversions.


  • Impacts Your SEO  


Gone are the days when keywords were the only parameters for high or low rankings. Now, the search engines want to improve customer experience on their platforms. 

For instance, Google knows that people love a fast loading site. As such, it ranks them higher than slow-loading sites.

Considering that 53 percent of the internet users don’t browse the second page, that’s lost business opportunity. Don’t let this happen! 


Having a functional website is the first milestone towards a profitable business. But that’s not all! It should load faster to boost your SEO rankings, leading to higher conversions and sales.

Hire competent web design experts for your site to load faster.