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Purchase Guard Review – A Neutral Dispute Mediation Service   


Online shopping can save you a lot of time and provides convenience, especially for busy individuals. However, things might not run all the time so smoothly. Disputes between online merchants and customers are bound to happen from time to time, and are relatively common events these days. For example, sometimes the product that a customer orders comes partially or fully damaged. There are also times when the product delivered looks nothing like what was shown on the website. Sometimes an order is significantly delayed, and in some cases, the product was not delivered at all to the buyer for some reason.              

Purchase Guard is a neutral dispute mediation service that aims to resolve these occurrences. In this Purchase Guard review, we’ll provide detailed information about this service and discuss the key benefits of it.   

What is Purchase Guard? is an alternative online dispute resolution platform that serves as the middle-man between online merchants and buyers. If something goes wrong between online shoppers and merchants, Purchase Guard representatives will facilitate communication between both sides, until the dispute is resolved according to the customer’s satisfaction (as well as agreed by the merchant).   

The goal of this platform and service is to eliminate further friction in the dispute resolution process, as well as make the resolution sensible and fair to everyone involved. It aims to provide guaranteed peace of mind to shoppers. In other words, the main goal of Purchase Guard is to negotiate with the online merchant and reach a solution that is acceptable and agreed upon by both sides of the dispute.  

How Does the Purchase Guard Process Work?


  • Set up an account.


Customers need to register (for free) by entering their name, email address, telephone number, and password.


  • Describe the problem.


Once the account is set up, the customer will be taken to the main dashboard. On the dashboard, the customer can select the type of product he/she purchased, and the name of the online merchant. The next step is to describe in detail the exact problem or issue that occurred and identify the exact solution that the customer is expecting.    


  • Negotiate with the merchant. 


Purchase Guard’s team will then contact the merchant, verify the details that were given by both the customer and the merchant, and negotiate for a solution that will be beneficial to both parties involved. 


  • A resolution is proposed. 


PG’s team will make sure that the best resolution is proposed. They will inform the customer, and if he/she accepts the proposal, then the process is resolved, done, and officially closed. If the customer declines the proposed solution, PG’s representatives will renegotiate with the online merchant until a new solution is reached. 

What are The Benefits of Purchase Guard?  


  • Customers don’t get unjustified chargebacks. 


When customers approach a bank or credit card company to assist in refunds or chargebacks, it can potentially reflect on their credit rating. With Purchase Guard, any bank or credit card issuer intervention does not take place. This ensures that the buyer’s rating remains intact.  


  • It helps merchants manage customer interactions.


If you want your customers to stay safe when shopping online, Purchase Guard is the right solution for your online store. Online merchants will greatly benefit from this service because its goal is to help them seek mutually-beneficial and quick solutions for buyers who encounter various issues after they’ve purchased products of some kind.   


  • Eliminates the burden of dealing with merchants. 


With Purchase Guard, online buyers will not be burdened with stressful situations, particularly getting into long, exhausting arguments with merchants.