The difference between education and teaching

The colleges of modern education seek to produce teachers who are able to keep pace with the challenges of the age and exploit them in what is beneficial and effective in the educational process, and whatever it is necessary for the teacher to possess high behavioral and professional skills, it is necessary for him to possess the content and cultural educational stock of scientific terms of educational social behavior, so that he can Determining the type of any behavior that he will face during his career and translating it in line with the educational theories he has learned to benefit from these theories to solve the educational problems he faces, especially since the teacher faces more than others educational behavioral problems and he is confused about how to overcome it Consistent with the educational and human nature, and since we are in the process of talking about educational terms, the most important terms that teachers start students in their knowledge is education and teaching [1]

We will now explain the difference between the two terms:


Education is a general word, used in any educational situation in life, and it is an unintended or directed behavior, meaning that life is experiences, and that anything new I learn in scientific or practical life outside the scope of the school, college or university or within it, and is done by the teacher Or something else that is about the education process, and we can say that this educational position is a position related to the education process through the presence of the following elements: [2]

The teacher is anyone.

The subject or educational objective, and it is not required to be an academic academic.

The learner is the recipient of the educational value or the educational goal.


It is unlike the general education process, and it is a private, intended, directed, and organized behavior that takes place during school, college, and university, and is supervised by the teacher, with the aim of helping students achieve a set of intended intended goals previously [3]

From the two previous definitions, we can say that the educational position is determined if the teaching or teaching is in the presence of certain elements, namely:

Educational behavior and educational attitude.

The environment surrounding the educational situation is the school, the house, etc.

The person in charge of the education process.

As for the educational position, which is called the teaching process, it is stipulated that the following elements exist:

The teacher is an educationally and academically qualified person with a degree in this regard.

The subject or educational goal, which is through a specific educational curriculum or subject, or values ​​and ethics that fall under clear educational names.

The learner is the recipient of this educational situation and its main engine.

Custom classroom or classroom.


Knowing that all modern educational theories tend to make the student the focus of the educational process so that its role is not limited to receiving information with a rigid educational template, but rather that it is an effective element in this process.


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