Questions To Ask SEO Companies

An individual looking to hire an SEO company will want to ask these questions:

Q: Do you guarantee results?

An SEO agency cannot guarantee specific placement in the search engine results since they cannot control the results or what competitors do to affect their ranking. A reputable SEO company can only guarantee they will do the specific work in the contract. It’s natural and highly desirable, for a firm to point to statistics and case studies of the results they achieved with similar clients.

Q: What are the specific services you will perform?

A reputable SEO company will never tell a client they have proprietary methods since there are no SEO secrets. Ideally, the work is a mixture of on-site and off-site tactics the firm decides on after an SEO audit which determines each client’s unique needs.

Q: Do you outsource any work?

It’s not automatically a problem if an SEO firm outsources any work, however, a business owner should ask what type of work the firm outsources and where are the remote workers located. It’s okay for an SEO firm to have a remote worker in the U.S. to make a website responsive by changing the code because coding should always be done by an expert developer. It’s not okay to outsource content creation overseas. This is laziness; websites need content written by a native speaker to engage visitors.

Q: What type of content will you create?

Skilled Denver SEO companies can create a wide range of keyword-optimized content. Business owners should expect expert copywriters who understand how to work keyword phrases in naturally and who understand their industry. A website also needs videos and other multimedia content to engage visitors and earn links naturally.

Q: How do you build links?

An SEO firm should use a variety of link building methods depending on the client’s industry. For example, attorneys should expect their SEO firm to get the links from prestigious lawyer directories while someone with a local business would need links from local directories. SEO companies should explore guest posting opportunities using content which establishes their client as an expert in their field. The one thing an SEO should never do is buy backlinks. While they usually won’t admit to this practice, firms shouldn’t hesitate to explain how they build links.

Q: How often will I receive reports?

All SEO firms are different. Some use project management software so a client can see what they have done. Others send weekly emails or schedule monthly virtual meetings. Potential clients should choose an SEO firm which offers to report regularly and a contact person to call with concerns or questions.

Q: Do you have an exclusivity clause?

In certain industries, SEO firms should not have clients competing against each other. Most Denver SEO companies will not accept two clients, both doctors with the same specialty, in Denver. It is a conflict of interest.

Q: Do you understand my industry?

Business owners in certain sectors should ensure the SEO firm they are considering understands their industry. Legal, financial and medical firms need content which will pass Google’s Your Money or Your Life Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines for authoritative, factually correct content.

Q: Can I view my analytics?

SEO firms routinely install Google Analytics for clients who don’t already use the program. A client should have the password and be able to view the data whenever they wish. A reputable SEO firm will make certain their clients understand the data.

If business owners receive the right answers to the questions which apply to them, they have found the right SEO company.