If you are someone ho makes a lot of mistakes while typing hen you need Physibo in your life. Physibo is a phone case for iPhone X/XS and 11 Pro which comes with a QWERTY keyboard. This phone case has multiple functions, firstly it keeps your phone protected and secondly, it allows you to make less or no typing mistakes with the physical keyboard present on the phone case. This unique phone case is one of its kind and it is very popular in the market because of its versatile functioning. It is an improved version of the previous cases released for iPhones which had keyboards.

Physibo comes from the two words “physical keyboard” and it allows the users to have easier typing. Typing on the digital screen can be difficult for some people and they may end up making so many mistakes. Stop depending upon autocorrect as it sometimes changes the wrong words and your texts give a completely wrong message. So, if you are tired of the digital screen typing and depending upon autocorrect then you surely need this phone case for your phone.

Physibo gives you the convenience in typing that you had while you used your old Blackberry. You get the desired convenience and less mistakes in texts or notes, what is better than that? It also features blind touch and error free typing. People with big or small fingers can take the benefit from this phone case. No matter what size your fingers are, you can use it and have a convenient typing experience.

Some of the benefits of Physibo are as follow:

1. Easy and Convenient:This phone case is easy to put on the phone, it is also super easy to type with it no matter what the size of the fingers is.

2. Backlight feature: This phone case comes with a backlight feature which allows you to have error-free typing even in the night as well.

3. Reduced typing errors: A lot of people make errors while using the digital screen for typing, the receivers of the texts and emails may find it hard to understand the typed text. This phone case enables the users to send accurate messages or emails without any errors. This way, the true message is conveyed to the receiver.

4. Blind touch: With this phone case, the blind touch is enabled and you are able to convey the desired messages.

5. Protection of the phone: The phone case not only allows you to type easily but it also protects your phone. Good condition of your phone is ensured with this phone case.

6. Thin case design: There are so many phone cases which are so thick and bulky that they make the phone even bulkier to carry. The thin design of this phone case is convenient and comfortable.

7. Faster typing speed: You might have noticed that the typing speed usually decreases on a digital screen, so instead of spending a lot of time struggling to type messages on the digital screen, you can use the QWERTY keyboard of this phone case and have a greater typing speed.

8. Durable: The phone case is able to keep the protected for a long period of time and you will also be super comfortable in typing with the keyboard for quite some time because of its durability.

9. Lightweight: As it was mentioned earlier that this phone case has a thin design and so, it is lightweight which makes it easier for you to carry in yourpocket. Bulky phone cases feel uncomfortable in the pocket.

Physibo is great for elderly who are not used to dealing with digital screens, it is great for teens who are blackberry fans, it is also great for people who make a lot of typing errors. It can be used by anyone, who prefers a physical keyboard over the digital screen.

Physibo will become your new favorite phone case because it will increase your typing speed, it will make sure that you make less or no mistakes while typing, it will solve all your keyboard touch panel problems and lastly, it will enable blind touch. So, stop wasting time struggling with the screen keyboard and get this phone case for ease.